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Viscosity Of Polymer Melt

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Viscosity Of Polymer Melt

Presto’s MFI tester is a very accurate and precise testing instrument that is used in industries for testing the viscosity of polymer melt with great accuracy which further helps in better quality assurance of the products.


Viscosity of the polymer resins when they are in molten state has a great impact on the efficiency of the molding process that is conducted from products. The manufacturers of the polymer material and products need to know the viscosity of polymer melt with the help of melt flow index tester. In this way, the manufacturers can easily ensure that they are providing the best quality of products provided to the customers. This also gives information about different properties of polymers such as chemical bonding, molecular structure etc.
For more information - Melt Flow Index Tester
For more information - Melt Flow Index Tester

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Viscosity Of Polymer Melt