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Vacuum Leak Tester - Digital For Pet Bottles

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Vacuum Leak Tester - Digital For Pet Bottles

A vacuum leak tester is used in PET industries to test the bottles and other containers whether they are leak proof or not. The instrument gives highly stable operation with repeatable results. A must have instrument for PET manufacturing industries.


For PET industry, the quality and integrity of bottles is an important factor hence they need to run some tests on the PET bottles to ensure their best quality. The vacuum leak tester is a widely used instrument in PET and Preform industry for inspection of PET bottles. The bottles are checked for integrity, splice or pin holes.

For test, the bottle is submerged in the water within the vacuum chamber. After that the vacuum chamber is left to build a differential pressure between the inner side and the outer side of the test sample. The leakage in the sample is determined by closely examining the formation of bubbles from the specimen and by observing the inflation and deflation of the sample after the vacuum release.  

  • You can check the reliability of foiled cups visually under vacuum.  
  • You can also test whether the seal is intact or not with this instrument. 

  • The test equipment is manufactured in strict compliance with GB/T 15171, ASTM D3078.
  • It has a chamber size of 24”
  • Vacuum pipe has a size of 24”
  • Only four feet of space is required to place and use the equipment. 

Customer Reviews

5 on five for the Product quality, price and results! :) Review by Sandeep Nagar
Best Device for PET bottles Testing Laboratories! The instrument is simple excellent in quality, working and results. What else is left? Well.. the price of the instrument is also affordable. Must have instrument if you want to assure the leakage property of bottles. Happy to have the product. It makes my work easy. (Posted on 12/9/2015)

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Vacuum Leak Tester - Digital For Pet Bottles