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Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope - LTSM-9DF

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Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope - LTSM-9DF

Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope LTSM-9DF also known as Jewel Microscopes is widely used to differentiate between imitation and real gems, to examine surface inclusions, to evaluate production of origin and to examine the quality of polishing. The Microscope is equipped with high-quality transmitted and incident light system, a dark field attachment along with a gem clamp.


Along with the special feature of zoom microscope, the instrument can efficiently observe the object from three dimensions within the observation area. It is best suited for biological research laboratories and also for Industries where maximum working distance, highly precise and large field coverage is required. The instrument is equipped with a flat field zooming objective to provide continuous variable magnification of 3.5x to 180x as per the eyepiece lenses and auxiliary lenses that are used in the device to observe the objects.
  • The model LTSM-9 of Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope offer high-quality optics and accurate mechanical components.

  • This excellent optical quality permits the users to perform the task of testing efficiently by maintaining the level of productivity.

  • Range of stands and illuminators are also provided with the device to fulfill the requirements of different applications

Some accessories that are provided by the instrument to fulfill the requirement of various applications includes:

  • LTZM-2-Auxilliary objectives 0.5 X and 0.2X for Stereo Zoom Microscopes.

  • LTFI-2-Double light fiber optic illuminator.

  • LTFI-1-Single light fiber optic illuminator.

  • LTZM-1-Spare Eyepiece with WF 10X-15X-20X.

  • LTZM-10-Gliding stage to quickly scan the specimens in X-Y direction.

  • LTZM-9-Polarizing the attachments to examine geological specimens under polarized light.

  • LTZM-4-Universal stand for convenient examination of large specimens or parts.

  • LTZM-3-Darkfield attachment with moveable gem clamp and special system.

  • LTFI-3-Ring light fiber optic illuminator.

  • LTZM-5-High-intensity fluorescent ring illuminator with power supply and circular fluorescent tube.

  • LTSI-8-Darkfield attachment for embryology comprises of dark field system and an adapter for petri-dishes.

  • LTZM-7-A spare 20-watt halogen lamp for incident illuminator.

  • LTSI-7-Spotlight halogen illuminators for stereo microscopes.

  • LTZM-6-Fluorescent high-intensity circular tube for the illuminator.

  • LTZM-8-Eyepiece with graticules: cross line, micrometer disc, eccentric circles, graph and many more.

Customer Reviews

Amazing Product! Designed with Sophisticated Features Review by Bhoomika
Being a reasercher in gems testing laboratory, we have used the Trinocular Stereo Zoom to study the originality of the gem stones. The instrument is very amazing to test the quality of the gems. This also helps to measure the quality of the polish. The three binocular head helps a lot for clear high-quality examination. My special gratitude is for Labtiger. (Posted on 2/6/2016)
Good to identify genuine product Review by Govind Jha
Excellent product for me as I am in the business of jewelry and gems, and I was facing a customer complaint of real and fake gems or stones. This device helps me to determine the polishing quality and identify the real gems. The illuminator is made of fluorescent high-intensity circular tube that helps to clear vision. Overall an excellent device to identify the genuine and fake product. (Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope - LTSM-9DF