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TP800 Spectrophotometer

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TP800 Spectrophotometer

The TP800 color measurement instrument provides highly accurate results and is abridged to any color. The testing instrument not only determine the L x a.b value, but also determines the Delta E value precisely.


Testronix TP800 spectrophotometer designed on the principle of joining exact LED spectroscopy, that divide the light according to the specific wavelength distance and accepts the assembly of the sensor array to perform responsive inspection. The TP800 color measurement instrument provides highly accurate results and is abridged to any color. The testing instrument not only determine the L x a.b value, but also determines the Delta E value precisely. Moreover, the device also clearly displays the spectral reflectance curve with which color matching functions can be realized easily, but also determine the different parameters of various color formulas. 

For research and development process, the scientist and engineers of Testronix measure numerous test samples before offering their range to the customers. The devices are designed as per various domestic and international standard test methods. 

Before starting the production process, technocrats at Testronix analyze the factors of American, Japanese and German Spectrophotometers. The difference in the results of these spectrophotometers as per their absolute value which is calculated with the formula L x a x b is found within the range of ±1.5. Sametime, when compared the values of Japanese Spectrophotometers and TP800, the major difference found was ±1.0. This method ensures that Testrox offers high quality devices, which are highly compatible as per the requirements of international market. 

  • The handy device has very creative look which is designed after considering ergonomics methodology.
  • The device offers the illumination from an angle of 45 Degree, which is designed keeping in mind various standards like ASTM, DIN, CIE and ISO standards.
  • The device has 3.5 inch wide display screen that helps to operate the instrument easily.
  • The machine comprises of 3.5 inch display with the smooth touch that helps to operate the instrument easily.
  • The instrument comprises of two standpoints having spectators, multiple modes of light and a wide range of color spaces.
  • The repeatability of ΔE x a.b value is less than 0.04 and the possibilities of the errors are less than 0.2.
  • The device has inbuilt software that helps to access some additional features.
  • The handy device saves 10000 data in the memory.
  • The instrument is designed using innovative technologies that offer high hardware configurations.
  • The device is incorporated with an extra large ball that offers most effective and homogenous rays of lights for accurate measurement.
  • It also offers the best and numerous innovative technologies as it has high hardware configuration.
  • It has extra-large integrated ball that provides most valuable homogeneous rays of illumination for accurate measurement. 

Application Industry

The “Testronix TP800 spectrophotometer” is extensively used in various industries, namely electronic manufacturing industries, plastic industries, painting, textiles & garments production houses, cosmetic, medical, inks, printing, food industry, in industrial laboratories and during scientific researches, etc. 

  • The testing device provides the illumination to the object from the angle of 45/ Degree (45 ring-shaped vertical presentation).
  • The size of the sphere is Φ58mm.
  • It has combined LED light source.
  • The device is incorporated with silicon photodiode sensor.
  • The wavelength is 400~700nm and the wavelength interval is of 10nm.
  • The reflectance range of the handy instrument is 0~200%
  • The focal point of the Aperture of the instrument is Φ8mm.
  • It offers Color Spaces which include XYZ, CIE LAB, Yxy, CIE, LCh, LUV.
  • The color difference which is determined with the device is measured with the following formulas: ΔE*ab, ΔE*uv, ΔE*94, ΔE*cmc (2:1), ΔE*00, ΔE*cmc (1:1).
  • It has an observer of 20/100.
  • The equipment, observes the specimens in various lights, namely D65,A, C, D55,D50, D75,F1,F2 (CWF) ,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7 (DLF) ,F8,F9,F11 (TL84), F10 (TPL5), F12 (TL83).
  • The device display shows the spectral value in graphical representation, Color Difference Graph,  Color offset, PASS or FAIL Result and Colorimetric Value.   It is very easy to test the specimen in few seconds as it provides very quick results by analyzing in just 1.5s.
  • The measurements of the device are 90 * 77 * 230 mm.
  • Weigh of device – 600 grams.
  • It has a Lithium-ion Battery which is sufficient enough to perform  the tests continuously for 8 hours.
  • The maximum lamp life of the machine is 5 years.
  • It has a thin film transistor 3.5 inch display screen inclusive of touch screen features.
  • It has a USB interface.
  • Maximum of 15000 Samples can be stored in the device.
  • The operating temperature of the device needs to be 0~40℃(32~104°F). Store the device at a temperature of -20~50℃(-4~122°F).
  • Accessories supplied with the color measurement instrument - Power Adapter, Lithium-ion Battery, CDROM with management software, Operating Instruction, Data-Line, White and Black Calibration Cavity, Protective Cover and Wrist Strap.
  • Additional accessories provided with the device are: Universal Test Compon, Micro Printer.

Customer Reviews

A high quality machine Review by Branda Johnson
I found the clear display of spectral reflectance curve is really helpful to grasp the color matching function conveniently. I could easily understand the different parameters of several color formulas. A standard testing machine allowing for both domestic and international standard test methods (Posted on 12/4/2015)

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TP800 Spectrophotometer