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Tensile Testing Machine - Zeus Ultimo

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Tensile Testing Machine - Zeus Ultimo

Tensile Testing Machine Zeus Ultimo is a very useful laboratory instrument used to test the tensile strength of materials like plastic, metal, steel, aluminium, and ferrous alloys. The testing apparatus  is supplied to the customers with a user manual, calibration certificate which is approved by NABL labs. The instrument is designed and manufactured keeping in mind the standard test method of ASTM E-4. The machine is provided with some accessories like micro switches, main switch, relay, etc. for safe and convenient operations. The machine is painted with the combinations of two elegant colors - blue and autumn gray. Also for the corrosion resistant finish, it is coated with Zinc/ Chrome plating. Other models of Tensile Testing Machine are also available – Digital Model and Digital cum Computerised (Eco) Wintest Model.


It is an upgraded version of digital model introduced with latest technology based features and components. The instrument provides highly accurate and reliable results. The lab equipment is equipped with a motor duly fitted with a gear box with the help of lead screw arrangement. The test equipment has a special sensor which is duly attached to a load cell. The sensor is highly capable to measure the force applied to the motionless clamp which ultimately depicts the test analysis in kilograms. The machine is equipped with hard lead screws which ensure stability and durability. The stress in the lower jaw is created with the standard motor which is set using CE standard electrical wires.
  • A plot of force vs. Time is possible in graphical format with this instrument.
  • The machine offers the option to view and save ten sample reports at a time. .
  • The reports of the tests can be E-mailed easily.
  • Data is easily stored in a spreadsheet.
  • The details of the company can also be mentioned in the report such as address, contact Details, logo, etc. .
  • Criteria for Pass/Fail can easily be programmed.

Tensile Testing machine, computerized cum digital model, is provided with user-friendly features. It is a highly flexible model which is used to measure the tensile strength of various types of materials. It provides single column, vertical movement with minimum friction in ball screws.

  • Maximum travel length of the machine is 25mm to 700mm from grip to grip.
  • The cross head speed of the device is 50mm to 500 mm per minute.
  • A customized set of grips is also provided on demand with the instrument, to test a range of products.
  • The machine has a maximum capacity of 10 grams to 10,000 kilogram-force.
  • The testing instrument offers automatic cut off facility.
  • The instrument is equipped with the 3 phase induction motor, of 1 HP to 5 HP as per the capacity of the machine with 1440 RPM.
  • It requires 0.76 – 3.72 KW power supply.

Computer & Printer are not included as a part of the offer.

Capacities Available:

Capacities: Least Count (Kg.)

  • 500: 200gm
  • 1000: 500gm
  • 2500: 1kg
  • 5000: 2kg
  • 10000: 5kg

Customer Reviews

Got the best machine to check the tensile strength Review by Neelkanth Yadav
Presto’s Tensile Testing Machine is really a great machine to calculate the maximum tensile strength of a product. I am from a flexible packaging industry, and I used the machine to check the tensile strength of my product. The process is very easy; I have to clamp my test sample between the two jaws (there are upper jaw and lower jaw in the machine) and then the jaws moved in opposite direction and displayed maximum tensile strength in a digital format as the digital panel is available. This is the best way to get the accurate result and maintaining the quality of my product. There is a motor to move the lower jaw at the required fixed speed whereas the upper jaw cannot be moved; it is stationary. Lower jaw moves and evaluates the tensile strength.
This is the fantastic machine to determine the tensile strength as it has all accessible features for the users. The machine has a special sensor that can judge the load exerted on the stationary jaw on the digital display. Use this testing machine and you will get the best output. Presto made it again and proved again that they are king in the manufacturing of the testing machines and no one can beat their quality. Presto always catches the right nerve of their customers.
(Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Tensile Testing Machine - Zeus Ultimo