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Spinnertscope – LTIS - 9

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Spinnertscope – LTIS - 9

Spinnertscopes LTIS-9 is the high-quality optical instruments that are designed and manufactured mainly to check the blockage in the spinets and equipped with the halogen projection lamp 12v & 100 watts which can be worked at 220 volts mains.


The spinnertscope optical instruments are provided with the excellent choice of magnification to fulfill the testing and observation requirements of a vast number of people for various applications. The spinnertscope optical instruments are used to analyze the light waves or photons and processes light waves to enhance the image for viewing.
  • All the arrangements are provided for the convenient transverse of the spinnerts.
  • It is provided with the excellent choice of magnification to fulfill the testing and observation requirements
  • The instrument is equipped with the projection lamp of 12v and 100 watts. This lamp can be worked easily at mains of 220 volts.
  • This instrument is assembled with the easy and adjacent transverse of the spinnerts that helps the instrument to move in X and Y direction.
  • Cooling fan is provided inside the base for effective and continuous working.
  • Diameter of the screen - 150mm with graduation of X and Y axis
  • Magnification on the screen – 50x and 100x
  • Field View – 6mm which offers the focusing by Rack and Pinion method.

Customer Reviews

Good for research work Review by Radha Prasad
Good device with the great option of magnification that is really helpful in observation process. Image viewing is improved with the help of spinnertscope as it helps to analyze and then process the light waves. The voltage of 220 Volts is enough to operate the lamps and can be moved in both x and y-direction. Continuous operation is possible due to the installation of cooling fan inside. Significant help in research work. (Posted on 12/2/2015)

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Spinnertscope – LTIS - 9