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Snap Button Pullout Tester

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Snap Button Pullout Tester

In textile industry where garments are fabricated, there is a need to test the strength of a button with which they can be attached to the garment. A snap button pullout tester is used for this testing. The instrument is used to define the responsibility and duty of the manufacturer of a garment to ensure that the button or snap is applied in a proper and strong manner so that it does not pull out from the garment easily. If a snap is separated from the garment, it can be risky for the user. Snap Button Pullout Tester – Computerized Model is also available


The test is conducted by placing the sample on a clamp for fabric holding. After that, the component which may be a snap, button or hook, fixed on the sample, is pulled by applying force from the testing machine. The pulling force is applied by the top flywheel which is mounted on a stand with a specified force. The recording instrument mounted on the tester displays the amount of force required to separate the snap from the garment which gives the breaking strength of the snap.

This test measures the uniform load that has been applied to the test sample to reach the breaking point. Once the strength is recorded by the scale, the stop clock is used to measure the time taken to reach the breaking point.  

  • There are standardized weights provided with the machine along with a conformation certificate.
  • It has a quick, easy and simple operation
  • The machine comes with an analogue meter to record and read the accurate test results.
  • The lab testing instrument is manufactured according to the standards set by ASTM D 4846 88.
  • The machine has a maximum capacity of 20kgf.

Customer Reviews

Best and Effective Device to Measure the Snap of Buttons Review by Mahesh Yadav
Being a manufacturers of textile industry, i purchased the snap button pullout tester from Labtiger. It is an awesome product, The quality of the product is just amazing, It is very easy to use and helped me a lot to test the quality of the buttons snaps. Thanks to Labtiger. (Posted on 12/8/2015)

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Snap Button Pullout Tester