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Scratch Hardness Tester - Hand Operated

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Scratch Hardness Tester - Hand Operated

When you need to determine the scratch resistance of any product such as paint, coating or varnish, a scratch hardness tester is used for assessment of the product. It is a very effective tool to perform various test related to scratch resistant strength of a products. This test is mainly conducted in the paint and plating industry to check the quality of paints and coating and their resistance to normal scratches so that the quality of the products could be enhanced. Along with hand operated model of scratch hardness tester, we also provide a motorized model of this device for customers with extensive usage requirements. 


The test procedure of the scratch hardness tester includes subjecting the test specimen under a specified force by applying load on the needle. The load on the needle is gradually increased to determine the minimum load required to develop a scratch on the coating. The instrument is highly reliable and gives precise results. The lab equipment conforms to all ISO standards set for the test and comes with a compliance certificate.
  • Weights are easily changeable
  • Very precise and accurate results
  • Need single phase  AC power supply of 220-240 volts, 50Hz
  • Designed for safe and convenient operation.
  • It is a hand operated model as it appears from the name.
  • There are varying loading capacities available with the equipment that are 500 g, 100 g, and 200 g.
  • The machine comes with a capacity of 1KG and higher capacity machines are also available on request. 

Customer Reviews

great device for checking the resistance to normal scratches. Review by akash
I am supplier of paints and everyday get huge order from the market as I believe in maintaining the quality of my materials. I ordered the scratch hardness tester from labtiger and it is an additional tool to polish the quality of the paints because I believe to provide the paints that is durable, long lasting and can sustain under the different environmental conditions. This is the great device for checking the resistance to normal scratches. (Posted on 12/10/2015)

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Scratch Hardness Tester - Hand Operated