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CASS Cum Salt Spray Chamber

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CASS Cum Salt Spray Chamber

For paint and plating industry, it is important to determine the resistance of materials and products to rust and other environmental factors so that best quality of the end product could be ensured. As plating is the means of protecting ferrous alloys from rust and increase their life. Cass Cum salt spray chamber is a Lab testing instrument which is used in the above said industries for checking the resistance of the materials against corrosion and other factors. Other models of salt spray chamber are also available for customers – Salt Spray Chamber Eco model, and Korrox III (Touch Screen) with customized specifications. 


The instrument comes with a HMI based controller for temperature which helps users in setting the temperature required for the test easily. The chamber of the equipments is covered with a reinforced fiber plastic with triple wall along with glass wool insulation included in it. This protects the chamber from corrosion due to the corrosive environment that is created during the test inside the chamber. The standard accessories that are provided with the equipment include air purging, regulator, cyclic timer, time totaliser, gauges and racks to lace specimens. 

The standards that have adhered while designing and manufacturing the instrument is ASTM B 117; JIS Z2371; DIN 50021; IS: 6910; IS: 5528; ISO: 3768.

  • The equipment is provided with a chamber with tiple wall along with glass wool so that any deformation or distortion could be avoided.
  • For convenient operations, a calibrated jar for collection of salt solution is given outside the machine.
  • The temperature can be easily regulated using the touch screen.
  • The machine is provided with a canopy made from transparent Plexiglass, which can be used via pneumatic pressure controls. 
Additional Features
  • Connect devices and computer system to the Salt Spray Chamber using Ethernet connection. Devices having ether adapter or network card will be easily joined to the test equipment.
  • Inbuilt VNC server allows the devices to have operation and monitoring of HMI based function from remote locations. User just requires to use VNC client apps such as (Windows, iOS, Android).
  • A specially designed lock function works to lock the remote control options when the machine is operated on-site. In such cases only remote monitoring will be allowed.
  • User can watch the recorded test data directly on web page without any software installation.
  • Alarm Email notification will be received by logged in members in case of alarming situation. Supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for assuring safety while test data is transferred.
  • 10 Pre-set Timers setting sample test timing
  • HMI display fonts can be converted into Hindi from English.
  • The temperature range that can be attained through the equipment lies between ambient to 600C with an accuracy of ±20C.
  • The equipment provides accuracy ±10C.
  • The temperature control of the machine is a touch screen type which indicates the temperature and is very easy to operate.
  • A pressure gauge is provided with the equipment and has a range from 0 to 30 PSI and an air regulator too.
  • The material used for fabrication is reinforced fiber plastic. Candor Kudos

Customer Reviews

right resistance detector Review by Kunal
Very accurate result oriented salt spray chamber that have saved me from bad quality of materials. Rust protection was the major issue for me and now it is solved with the help of this equipment. Right resistance detector for the materials (Posted on 12/9/2015)

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CASS Cum Salt Spray Chamber