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Research Ore Microscopes - LTOM-55T

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Research Ore Microscopes - LTOM-55T

Labtiger’s manufactures high quality of Research Ore Microscopes, which are used by the geologists to observe the visual properties of the minerals. It is the best device to observe the specimens in various applications like crystallography, geology, petrography and in finding the stress point in the refractive index of the glasses, metals and textiles, etc. 44.


The testing machine is also provided with some accessories like spare bulbs, detachable mechanical stage micrometer eyepiece, additional compensatory, sub-stage halogen illuminator, wooden storing cabinet and many more. It is ergonomically designed a testing device that can be operated with great comfort and ease. The microscope is provided with separate knobs that help to do focusing adjustments. The instrument also helps to examine and in finding out the exact structures of the products with highly accurate and clear images under different magnifications.
  • Provided in a packing of fully molded Styrofoam or in a thermocol container.

  • Best to examine the visual properties of the minerals.

  • Designed with compact ball-bearing type rotating stage of diameter 140mm. The stage is duly equipped with the lock, vernier and stage sample clips.

  • The device is prepared with Koehler’s illuminator with pre-centered 20W tungsten halogen light and internal electronic transformer with high-intensity control which is hidden inside the base. This requires the input voltage of 220V or 110V.

  • The instrument is provided with coaxial focusing which is provided with adjustment rings and slow motion knobs. Moreover. Safety locks are also supplied with the device to prevent breakage of the specimen.

  • It has an incident illuminator with reflected polarizing light along with a slot to hold the filter. Also, the device has intensity control transformer which is hidden inside the base of the instrument.

  • Provide with inbuilt focusable Bertrand lens with center adjustable, an analyzer which can be removed from the optical part. This analyzer can be rotated with 90o with vernier readingto 6’.

  • To move the stage vertically coarse adjustments are done by fine movement by screw lever mechanism and via rack pinion knobs.

  • Comprises of precise quadruple nosepiece along with positive click stops and centered positioned that ensures precise positions of the objectives.

  • Compensators - A gypsum plate (1st order a red compensating plate of 560 nanometers), a quartz wedge (I-IV) and λ/4-mica plate of size 145 nanometers

  • The device is offered with Stress less flat achromatic DIN objectives PF4x/0.10, PF10x/0.25 and PF40x/0.65 SL.

  • The instrument is designed with the wide field eyepiece lens with magnification HKW10x Paired and WF 10x cross.

  • The device is provided with the fully rotatable polarizer on strain free N.A. 1.25.abbe –condenser with iris diaphragm.

  • Supplied in a packing of fully molded Styrofoam or in a thermocol container.

  • The device is supplied with some optional accessories on requests like micrometer eyepiece WF 10X, Micro-photographic instrument with wooden storing cabinet, detachable mechanical stage, and objectives P 20X and P 60X.

Customer Reviews

Excellent device, User-Friendly Control! Review by Pawan Gupta
Excellent device, designed with sophisticated features. It is a user-friendly device that can be operated by anyone without any technical training. The quadruple nosepiece along with positive click stops of the microscope ensures accurate positioning of the sample. The magnification lenses and objectives provided with the device perfectly suits my application testing requirement. Thanks to Labtiger for the device and superb service support. (Posted on 2/11/2016)
Great deal. Outstanding Quality Instrument Review by Tanuj Bhatia
Great deal. Outstanding Quality Instrument at best prices. Being a researcher in metal testing laboratory, I bought Labtiger’s Research Ore Microscopes LTOM-55T. The device is capable enough for inspection work and to observe the stress point in the refractive index of metals, glasses as per the standards and offer highly accurate results. (Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Research Ore Microscopes - LTOM-55T