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Profile Projector - LTPP 350

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Profile Projector - LTPP 350

Profile Projector LTPP – 360 is designed with incident light illumination and transmitted light lamp which is highly suitable for doing inspection works of all kind of surfaces and outlines of sophisticated tools, workpieces, jigs, fixtures, etc. effectively and efficiently. All the components can be inspected efficiently by putting the components on glass stage.


The instrument provides the standard magnification of 10x, 20x, 50x and 100x. The device is designed with high-quality of European objective lenses. The device offers the optical distortion below 0.1%. The optional work table for micrometer heads and for linear scales with digital readout is provided with the instrument. The instrument offers the cooling with the help of vibration free and noiseless fan. The device is available with 110V and 220V through low voltage transformers.
  • The instrument is easy to use
  • It provides highly accurate and precise results.
  • It is a portable and compact model
  • It is a table top and light weight projector which can be placed anywhere in the laboratory.
  • It is provided with 360mm diameter with 90-degree cross line and chart holders.
  • The device is supplied with  the chart holders
  • It offers the projection light source with 24V/150W Halogen Lamp.
  • It is designed with a double oblique light source to provide surface illumination.
  • The device is also provided with two amendable dichroic reflector lamps of 12V / 100W each.
  •  Motorized focusing with 60mm focusing range is provided with the machine.
  • The device is designed with high-quality objective lenses.
  • Optical distortion below 0.15%.
  • X-Y Rage of the Projector – 75 x 75 mm ( With the use of gauge blocks)
  • Size of Effective Table Area – 125 x 125 mm
  • Measurement Unit of the Results – Micrometer Heads
  • Resolution – 0.01 mm
  • X-Y Counter – No
  • Angle Counter  - Optional
  • No Optical Edge Detector is provided with the projector
  • Rotary Measuring Stage is supplied with the instrument.
  • The size of the work table is 150 x 150mm
  • The maximum height of the workpiece can be set up to 116 mm
  • No software is provided with the projector. 
  • Dimension and weight of the machine are 50 x 84 x 104 cm and 150kgs.

Customer Reviews

Fine-Quality Machine Review by Priyank
It is a fine quality of projector which is provided with the LCD control panel on the left that helps to set the functions of the instrument easily. Amazing product quality with latest features, warranty, and high-quality brightness. It’s a least expensive projector with motorized zoom. The double oblique light sources are amazing.

(Posted on 12/2/2015)

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Profile Projector - LTPP 350