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Profile Projector LTPP - 150

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Profile Projector LTPP - 150

Labtiger offers a high-quality profile projector which is superlative to study all types of surfaces and clearly express the quality of the jigs, fixtures, workpieces, tools efficiently and effectively. It is the best testing instrument which is widely recommended for the maximum luminosity, high contrast, accurate magnification, similar resolution to the screen.


These projectors are examined by placing the samples and components on the stage of the instrument. The profile projector LTPP-150 is used to measure the large parts and small parts. The various types of applications where profile projectors are used are casting, thread for measurement, transmission shafting and many more.
  • Easy to use
  • Offers accurate and reliable results.
  • Highly reliable testing instrument.
  • Especially design halogen light provided of 12V/100W that ensures uniform illumination system. The bulb works efficiently on 220volts AC.
  • Assembled with the efficient cooling fan inside the device along with the 150mm diameter of inbuilt fine grain glass screen which can be removed anytime to take the image on the wall or another screen with the magnification 50x.
  • It offers cross movement travel stage of size 125 mm x 125mm
  • The table can travel up to 25mm.
  • The standard size of micro head 0-25mm
  • The least count provided by the instrument is 0.01mm,
  • The rotary measuring glass stage is of size 62mm.
  • Vertical focusing is done on the basis of rack and pinion mechanism.
  • The light source offers extended life span and improved resolution and extended life span.
  • The lamp is cooled by a silent cooling fan. The light intensity controls allow different intensities as per the requirement. Supplied with the vinyl cover and provided in a cardboard box. 

Customer Reviews

Good work Review by Rita
A very effective projector to study the surfaces. I can easily determine the quality of jigs and fixtures. The inspection process of the projector is simple, just place the samples on the stage of instruments and measure large parts and small parts. I believe it is one more high quality of profile projectors introduce by Labtiger. Good work. (Posted on 12/2/2015)

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Profile Projector LTPP - 150