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Profile Projector – LTPH – 600

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Profile Projector – LTPH – 600

Labtiger offers high-quality of Profile Projector-LTPH 600. It is a portable and ideal testing machine which is used for measurement and inspection of large parts and shafts. To inspect the shafts, the specimens are placed between centers or on the V-blocks. The projector is also used for some critical applications such as transmission shafts, casting, machined components and thread form measurement. The instrument is highly suitable for thread pitch measurement of distorted and blurred images. These images cannot be judged efficiently when the workpiece is set at some specific angle.


The instrument is designed with the protractor screen of diameter 600mm along with the staggered line and cross hairs for easy alignment. The instrument has a work stage of size 600 x 200 mm. The measurement of the travel stage (X-Y) Axis - 200mm x 150mm. The focusing range of the instruments if 150mm. The device is designed with the 360o rotatable protector screen with 2 minutes vernier resolution. The device is provided with the standard magnification of 10x and optional magnifications with the range of 20x, 25x, 50x and 100x.
  • The instrument is easy to operate.
  • It is a light-weight and portable testing machine that can be placed anywhere in the laboratory.
  • It offers highly precise and reliable results. 
  • The magnification of the instrument offers +/- 0.5 % on contour illumination & +/- 0.1% on surface.
  • The device is equipped with halogen lamp of 24V, 150W to provide the best illumination source to the samples.
  • It has T-slot type table top area.
  • The instrument provides 0.01mm resolution
  • Standard accessories that are provided by the device are 2 V-block set with centers, 2 projection lamps, calibration certificate, user manual, etc.
  • The instrument has a green colored filter, and the yellow filter is also provided as an option.
  • The load capacity of the instruments is 45 kg. It has X-Y digital readout type measuring system. PC based software is also supplied with the instrument as an optional accessory.
  • The machine is designed with 3 turret type lens mounting that ensures safe & easy operation.
  • The instrument can be operated on the power supply if 230V, 50 Hz, AC single phase power supply.

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Profile Projector – LTPH – 600