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Preform Defect Chart

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Preform Defect Chart

Preform defect chart is a reference chart used in PET and Preform industries. The chart depicts different types of defects that are found in performs on the basis of color, temperature etc. Every industry needs this reference chart to make sure that the Preform they are using in their products are free from any defects or flaws.


Every industry needs a reference chart with which it can compare the quality of the materials and products used in that industry. The PET and perform also needs such references and the Perform Defect Chart is an ideal reference chart that conta9ns all the specific standard values of the properties of materials and end products of PET and perform industry.

For the laboratories used in the blowing plant, this chart is referred after the product has been viewed under the polarized light. The chart is a pictorial depiction of the appearance of defects when viewed under polarized light.

This is a must have lab chart for every PET testing laboratory for best detection of defects in the products. The defect chart has been organized by consulting with the industry and there are three categories of defects specified in the chart for viewing and analysis of products under polarized. This chart is also very useful in maintaining proper records in the lab. 

There are three categories of defects mentioned in the chart that are as follows.

  • Defects visible under polarized light with an orientation of 450.
  • Defects visible under polarized light with an orientation of 900.
  • Defects visible under natural light.
  • Each category has twelve unique types of defects. 

Customer Reviews

Must Have chart to Measure Preform Quality Review by Mayank
I have purchased Polariscope earlier from Labtiger but didn't bought Preform Defect Chart to study the defects in Preform. This created many troubles for me. Every time i analyze the quality of the preform or glass under polarized light, i look for the reference chart that can help me to analyze the type of defect. To solve this problem, i purchased "Preform Defect chart". It help me a lot to analyze the type of defect in Preform. It is completely designed as per the standards and provides me accurate results. My special thank to Labtiger for offering me all high-quality and useful testing machines. (Posted on 12/4/2015)

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Preform Defect Chart