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Preform and Bottle Neck Cutter

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Preform and Bottle Neck Cutter

The Preform bottle neck cutter is used in PET industries for easy cutting of bottle necks for various test purposes. The tool has a working based on the movement of ratchet and can be used for trimming and cutting of bottles. The instrument is suitable to be used on bottle diameters up to 28 mm and pipe of diameter up to 40 mm.


In PET and Preform industry, you need various testing tools and instruments for quality testing of the products. One such tool is the Preform and Bottle Neck Cutter. This tool enables the user to cut the necks of the bottles with a clean and single handed operation. The cutting tool is carefully designed and manufactured under guidance of experts of the industry. The raw material used for making this equipment is of very high grade which ensure long life and high quality of the tool. The working principle of the cutter is based on ratchet movement when used for trimming and cutting of the bottle necks.

They instrument is very handy and is able to cut the neck of a bottle with a maximum diameter of 28mm with high accuracy and precision. The tool provides quick functioning as well as usage simplicity. With a very less effort, you can easy perform clean cutting of bottle necks without any deformation in the product when you use this tool. The walls of the tool are also very wide and thick. 

  • The instrument is very light and precise and is very handy to use, when performing trimming or cutting of the preform and bottle necks.
  • Trouble free cutting is possible with the equipment for even bottles with a thick wall and that also with minimum effort.
  • One can work in a fast pace without any interruptions.
  • Simple and easy operation.

  • It can be used to precisely cut the bottle necks of up to 28mm diameter.
  • It can also be used for cutting of pipes with a diameter of 40mm and has a fast rate of retraction in just a push of a button.

Customer Reviews

Best Cutting Device for Preform & PET Products Review by Mohit Parkar
Previously I was getting many complication and complaints from customers regarding the quality of the PET bottles. The instrument is simply superb. It helps me to perfectly cut the bottle neck with its sharp blades to test various properties and quality of the bottles. (Posted on 12/4/2015)

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Preform and Bottle Neck Cutter