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PI Tape

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PI Tape

The PI tape provides a very convenient method of measuring the diameter of any cylindrical products. It has a wide usage in industries for easy and exact measurement of different products. The results provided by this tool are in English system and metric system of units and are very reliable.


For measuring exact diameter of any cylindrical object, the PI tape is the most appropriate solution. It is widely used in industries for such measurements. It takes only a single quick measurement to determine the exact diameter of the test sample.

The instrument is manufactured from steel with high strength. It is usually used in laboratories and manufacturing plants and remains very accurate and reliable for years. The instrument offers both English system of units and Metric system of units. 

  • It is a highly preferred instrument that is used for measurement of very soft or thin walled test samples. 
  • The process of measurement for diameters of round containers and products is very quick and accurate with this instrument.
  • The instrument has a very narrow ribbon made from metal which has special graduations for conversion of circumference of the object in to value of diameter. 
  • The equipment comes with a calibration certificate which can be easily traced to any lab approved by NABL.
  • The machine comes with a standard width of ¼” gauge. Customers can also requests instrument with other widths.
  • The machine also has support for vernier scale which allows the user to divide the graduation mentioned on the tape in to 25 parts, each having a count of 0.01inch.

Customer Reviews

Best for Correct Measurement Review by Nikunj
Superb product used for measuring diameter of cylindrical and round objects easily. The product is simply superb in quality and provides correct measurement of the bottles and circular objects! Essential product for the PET bottle testing laboratories. (Posted on 12/9/2015)

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PI Tape