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PH Meter

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PH Meter

A pH meter is widely used instrument to check the pH level of different solutions. The instrument is very precise in determining the pH value of different solutions. It has an extensive usage in industries like textile, food processing, electroplating etc. The instrument comes with an LCD screen which makes it easy to read the test results.


Measurement of pH value for many solutions and chemicals is crucial and vital for many different industries. It is widely used in textile industries, paint and plating industries. The table top model of a digital pH meter is a highly accurate instrument for measurement of pH with great reliability. The instrument is in strict compliance with the standards of JIS and ASTM. The pH meter is available with a complete user manual and a compliance certificate perceptible to NABL approved labs.

The pH meter is provided with a feature called ATC or automatic temperature control which provides accurate pH value of the test sample under various testing conditions. Additionally, the instrument is also provided with gel filled electrodes.

The test procedure is performed by dipping two electrodes in the solution which is to be tested. During the test the hydrogen ions move toward the cathode which in turns transfers some metal ion to the solution. The amount of hydrogen ions deposited ion the cathode give the pH level of the solution which is depicted on the digital meter provided on the pH meter.

  • The equipment provides highly accurate, re-producible and reliable results. 
  • The instrument can be used for measuring pH level of a variety of solutions such as chemicals, paints, dyes and many others.
  • The machine has automatic temperature control or ATC for accurate results under different weather conditions. 
  • It comes with a special gel fitted pH electrode. 
  • The instrument has a digital display with a 3 ½ inches display with a height of characters to 12.5 inches. 
  • The range of pH value that can be measured with the help of this instruments starts from 0-14.00 pH with a temperature range of -1000C to 199.90C.
  • The instrument provides an accuracy of 0.5% ± 1 digit. 
  • The instrument needs a power supply of 110volts/220volts according to the demands of the customers.
  • The calibration of the instrument is done through pH-7 and pH-4 potentiometers. 
  • The selection of displays is possible with touch membrane switch and LED indicators. 
  • Dimensions: 160 x 170x 60mm.
  • The instrument has weight of 900gms. 

Front panel controls

  • 3 ½ Digit LCD screen for displaying pH/ORP/Temperature.
  • 3 LEDs for indication of any selection of display made by user.
  • 2 LEDS for indication of automatic or manual selection of temperature compensation. 
  • For manual setting of temperature compensation, 0-1000C settable potentiometer is available.
  • There is a membrane switch provided for display select. By pressing the switch repeatedly, you can see the pH/ORP and temperature values on the screen.

Customer Reviews

A good laboratory friend Review by Daksh
Best tool to measure the pH level and very useful for my chemical testing work. I found it very efficient to check pH level of different solutions. A good laboratory friend. (Posted on 12/10/2015)
World class Solution to measure the Chemical Property of Solutions Review by Pratima Sarkar
I have purchased pH meter from for my chemistry laboratory. It is a world class solution that accurately measures the pH of the solution, liquids and water accurately. The LCD screen of the device offers highly accurate results. The instrument provides the result in digital format. (Posted on 12/10/2015)

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PH Meter