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PET Bottle Perpendicularity Gauge

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PET Bottle Perpendicularity Gauge

The perpendicularity of the PET bottles is a major concern for the manufacturers of PET bottles. It is essential for the PET bottles to be perpendicular according to their designs so that they do not trip again and again. The manufacturers need to ensure that they deliver only the perfectly perpendicular bottles to the customers. The PET bottle perpendicularity tester is one of the best testing instruments that are used by the manufacturers of PET bottles for ensuring the perpendicularity of the bottles. The instrument gives an accurate analysis of the bottles and helps in the better quality assurance of the products to the customers.


Presto is one of the renowned suppliers and manufacturers of PET bottles perpendicularity tester that are widely used in the PET industries. The instrument is very simple to use and is designed to provide the best analysis of the accuracy of the PET bottle dimensions for better quality.
For more information - Bottle Perpendicularity Tester
For more information - Bottle Perpendicularity Tester

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PET Bottle Perpendicularity Gauge