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Peel Adhesion/Bond/Seal Strength Tester - Digital Model

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Peel Adhesion/Bond/Seal Strength Tester - Digital Model

For many products produced in different industries, adhesion is a basic property that plays a vital role in its quality. Hence, it is important for industries to check the adhesive strength of various products to ensure that best quality products reach the customers.  A peel adhesion tester is used for testing and calculating the adhesive strength of those products that have a self adhesive property. The adhesive strength of the product is given by the pressure required for peeling off the coating from a substrate surface under specific conditions and test circumstances. The force is applied from a plate normal to the surface on which the coating is applied, at a specified angel and velocity. The product is designed and manufactured in compliance with all the international and national standards. Another model of Peel Tester is also available i.e. Digital cum Computerised model.


The lab testing equipment is ideal for testing the tear strength, peel strength and other properties of a self adhesive product such as laminates, fabrics, packaging materials, Labels, tapes etc. With a peel strength tester, one can easily check the average peel strength of a product with high precision and accuracy when a specific load is applied for a specific distance per unit width of the adhesive. There is a constant rate of extension and load control is provided hence a single machine can be used for checking peel strength of a variety of products. There are two models of machine that are provided for peel strength tester that are Digital Model and Computerized cum Digital Model.

There are two grips provided with the tester. The test is performed with the sample which is coated with a gum material which is placed between the grips under specific loads and test conditions. The lower grip of the machine is moved in a downward direction while the upper grip is kept fixed. In this way the adhesive strength is checked on a specific speed. It is possible to check the adhesion of a product on a speed of 300mm/min with an accuracy of ±2% with the peel strength tester. 

  • It is a high recommended product for materials such as labels, BOP tapes, foils etc.
  • The plastic shield is peeled off at an angle of 1800.
  • There is an accuracy of ±2% is provided with the tester.
  • The equipment is provided with a unique feature of self calibration.
  • The instrument has a very compact design that is best for laboratories where there is shortage of space.
  • It also has a feature of storage memory.
  • It is also possible to test the sample at an angle of 900.
  • The instrument is provided with a calibration certificate which can be traced to any NABL laboratories. 

  • There is a load cell equipped with the peel strength tester with a maximum capacity of 20kgf. Customers can also avail higher capacities on demand.
  • The jaw separation rate of the machine is 300mm per minute and a least count of 2 grams.
  • The equipment has an autumn grey and blue finish and is built upon a rigid metal plate for strong base and strength. There is also zinc plating provided with machine that makes it rust resistant

Customer Reviews

Great Accuracy and Quality Review by Shyam.Gupta
The instrument is capable of performing variety standard of peel testing. it offers absolutely precise testing data. Good for testing foil wraps and plastic packing. (Posted on 6/2/2018)
Multipurpose use Review by Gopal singh
Useful tool to know the adhesive strength. An excellent quality machine complying with all the national and international standards, I liked this model and thinking to order the other model advertised in Labtiger. It is easy to check the peel strength of various products (Posted on 12/8/2015)

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Peel Adhesion/Bond/Seal Strength Tester - Digital Model