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Muffle Furnace

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Muffle Furnace

A muffle furnace is used widely in many industries such as rubber industry, agricultural industries, metallurgy etc. The instrument is used to calculate the percentage of ash present in a compound. The instrument is easy to operate and has elegant designs for better performance. The instrument can be used for both organic as well as inorganic materials.


A muffle furnace is basically used for evaluation of the ash content present in a test sample. The ash percentage of the ash in a material provides important statistics about the properties of that material. The instrument is designed so that it completely complies with the standards of ASTM and IS.teh instrument is highly used in the fields such as medical treatment, agriculture, metallurgy, rubber, and textiles.

There is a vast range of muffle furnaces that have elegant designs and are very easy to operate. The models of the instrument are specially designed for use in different fields for ashing different types of materials, both organic and inorganic.  The instruments are equipped with digital temperature controls for better control on the testing temperature. The product is properly insulated for the prevention of any heat from escaping the instrument. 

The testing instrument is the best solution for the calculation of the ash content percentage of a material. The weight of a specimen is taken and then it is burnt To perform the test. After the specimen is completely burnt, the weight of the remaining ashes is taken, and the percentage is calculated easily. The test sample is grated to small pieces and is placed in a crucible which is already weighed. Now the weight is again checked.

After placing the specimen grate in the crucible, it is heated using a Bunsen burner so that the grates burn completely. After burning, the crucible is transferred into the muffle furnace at a temperature of 8000C ±250C or as per the requirements of the standard that is being followed. The heat is generated by the furnace until the entire carbon component from the sample is burnt out. After this, the crucible is cooled down in the desiccators, and its weight is measured. The procedure is repeated until the weight obtained from test becomes constant.

Formula for calculation of ash content:-

Ash, % by weight = 100 a-x/b-x


A= Weight of the crucible and the ash in grams (w3)

B= weight of the material and the crucible (W1) (in grams)

X= crucible weight (W2) (In grams)

  • Provides highly accurate and reliable test results.
  • The machine has finish in autumn blue and gray color. 
  • It comes complete with NABL approved conformance certificate and a user manual.

  • The inner chamber of the equipment is manufactured from high grade ceramic with filling. 
  • The outer body of the machine is made from GI sheet which are powder coated.
  • The instrument has door insulation made from HFK bricks. 
  • The heating element that is used in the machine is Kanthal A1 wire on all sides. 
  • The range of temperature offered by the instrument is 9000C.
  • There is a digital indicator cum temperature controller on the upper side of the instrument. 
  • The controller rating for the machine is 2.5KW and has a high accuracy of ±5C.
  • There is a requirement of 230V, 50Hz to run the equipment. 
  • Digital timer and digital PID controller are available with the equipment as optional accessory.

Customer Reviews

Elegant and useful Review by Kirti Singh
Elegant look, better performance, and very simple to use. It worth to buy. Grateful to labtiger for their time to time updated machines (Posted on 12/5/2015)
Superb Product Quality! Review by Rishabh Mehra
Being an owner of a Rubber Industry, I have buy the Muffle Furnace from Labtiger, to measure the accurate percentage of the ash content in the rubber product. It’s a user friendly product. Happy to have the useful testing machine. I must thank Labtiger for the amazing deal !! (Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Muffle Furnace