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Laminar Air Flow Bench

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Laminar Air Flow Bench

Many of the industrial laboratories need highly hygienic and clean environment for several processes and tests such as microbiology. The laminar air flow bench provides a perfectly hygienic environment free from any bacteria or other particulate. The instrument is ideal for use in small sized labs where there is a need of small working area that is free from any particulate.


In many industrial sectors, there is a need for testing products and materials under highly hygienic environments such as microbiology. Here you need an environment which is free from any bacteria or particulate. A laminar air flow bench is used for such purposes. It is equipped with a High Efficiency Particulate Arrester or HEPA filtered work area. This lab instrument is ideal for small laboratories where you need small working areas with particulate free environments.
  • The cabinet has strong finish of a thick board of sun mica clad. 
  • The cabinet has interiors that are finished with epoxy paint enamel.
  • Transparent pixel glass is used for constructing side panels. 
  • It houses a motor with a capacity of 1/5HP and has very quite operation. 
  • In the working area of the machine, there are fitted fluorescent illuminated lights. 


  • Biotech
  • Electronics
  • Production line ups
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • The equipment is fabricated from Cold Rolled Close Annealed or CRCA stainless steel material for best strength and quality. 
  • It comes with sliding acrylic transparent panels made from toughened glass
  • The equipment is a table top work station provided with an HDPE, washable filters.
  • The efficiency of the particulate filters is up to 99.97% for up to 0.3 micron particle size. 
  • The assembly for blower and motor is balanced dynamically and suspended using a spring for vibration and low noise. 
  • A single phase power supply of 220V, 50Hz is required to run the lab instrument.

Customer Reviews

Best Instrument To keep lab Environment Clean and Hygienic! Review by Ankita Goswami
Best for Clean and Hygienic Environment. I have purchased the product from Labtiger, the instrument is of best quality that keeps the environment clean and bacteria free. Best instrument for small laboratories. Moreover, I got the delivery on time. Thanks to Labtiger. (Posted on 12/9/2015)

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Laminar Air Flow Bench