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Laboratory Polarizing Microscope - LTPL-1

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Laboratory Polarizing Microscope - LTPL-1

The polarized light microscopes are ergonomically designed instruments which are used worldwide to observe the visual properties of minerals and to study the crystals and small particles along with the birefringence properties. One such useful and widely used laboratory polarizing microscope is laboratory Polarizing Microscope LTPL-1.


The instrument Laboratory Polarizing Microscope LTPL-1 is widely used in large number of applications like petrography, crystallography, geology, in industrial laboratories and in other environments where highly reliable practical polarizing microscopes are needed for elementary study and for various teaching requirements.
  • The best instrument to fulfill the requirements of a large number of applications.

  • Highly reliable practical polarizing microscopes to fulfill the purpose of teaching.

  • The instrument comprises of a ball-bearing type compact rotating stage of diameter 140mm. The stage is duly graduated with the lock, vernier and stage specimen clips.

  • The device is equipped with a Plano-concave mirror with diameter 50mm which is mounted on the gimble mount. This can be interchangeable with sub-stage 15W lamp for 220V or 110V.

  • Separate knobs are provided with the to do essential adjustments like coarse focusing and fine focusing adjustments.

  • The instrument is designed with the widefield eyepiece lens with magnification WF 10x and WF 10 with a cross.

  • Moreover, it is also equipped with the Slide out built-in analyzer, gypsum plate, λ-Gypsum Plate, focusable Bertrand lens, and λ/4-Mica Plate. All the slides are locked into the tube and can be adjusted in the optical path of the device as per the testing requirements of the users.

  • The device is offered with semi-plan objectives P-4x, an achromatic lens, P-10x and P-40x SL.

  • The instrument is provided with the fully rotatable polarizer on strain free abbe –condenser of iris diaphragm N.A. 1.25.

  • The device is provided with some optional accessories like sub-stage halogen illuminator, detachable mechanical stage, micrometer eyepiece, additional compensators, spare bulbs, wooden storing cabinet, etc.

Customer Reviews

Excellent Features in Low Cost! Review by Hemant Dubey
I have happy to buy this product as it is provided with sufficient amount of features in a low cost. The specification and objectives of the lens exactly matches my application requirements. Thanks to Labtiger for solving my problem in no time. (Posted on 2/5/2016)
best and effective Review by Nikhil
Good, fantastic, effective and the best microscope. Labtiger proved that they have the best range of microscopes. (Posted on 12/30/2015)
Reliable for research work Review by Sujata Sinha
I will suggest using this product to all my all geology researchers. For me, it was a right decision to order it from Labtiger because this is very helpful to inspect the minerals and study the crystals. I completely trust the products of Labtiger because I ordered earlier some more products from this site, and I am happy with the on time delivery. This is an extremely reliable product for me. (Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Laboratory Polarizing Microscope - LTPL-1