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Izod / Charpy Impact Tester

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Izod / Charpy Impact Tester

The IZOD and CHARPY impact tests are conducted to determine the impact resistance of materials such as plastics and metals. The IZOD/CHARPY impact tester is a highly efficient and precise instrument used in a variety of industry to check the impact strength of plastic and other materials. The digital display gives you very accurate readings for the test.


An IZOD/CHARPY impact tester is a lab testing instrument that is specially designed for calculation of the resistance of impact to plastics and metals. The testing equipment works on the pendulum method principle. There are two types of tests performed by the instrument that are Izod test which is performed with horizontal impact on the vertically clamped sample and Charpy test that is performed with vertical impact on
The instrument is strictly designed in compliance with the standards of ASTM D-256. The instrument is provided complete with a user manual, conformance certificate and a wiring diagram.

The IZOD/CHARPY test is the one that is used for the evaluation of the impact resistance properties f materials under a specified load. It is a highly accurate, precise and reliable method of assessment and is mandatory for plastic and polymer industries.

  • The equipment has a maximum capacity of 21.68 J.
  • The instrument comes with four different scales with varying ranges for best and accurate test results.

  • The angle of the pendulum at which it is released is 1500.
  • The maximum capacity of the machine is 21.68 joules. 
  • There are four scales that are equipped with the machine which are as follows: 0-2.71 J; 0-5.42J; 0-10.84 J and 0-21.68 j.
  • The minimum resolution that can be set by this instrument is 0.02 joules, 0.05 joules, 0.1 joule, and 0.2 joule. 
  • The instrument is duly powder coated and has rust resistant finish. 
  • The machine is also available with a motorized notch cutter as an optional accessory. 
  • The standard to which the machine complies strictly, include ASTM: D883; D618; D1204; D1928; D1248 & E691.

Customer Reviews

Great performance till date Review by Kashi nath Verma
I have been using the machine to check the impact resistance of my components. And I found it very much satisfactory.
(Posted on 6/26/2018)
thanks for the on time delivery Review by Rohan
I have ordered this machine two days ago, I appreciate Labtiger for their on time delivery. Everything was in good order and packaging was safe. I used the machine conveniently without any problem. It is the best machine to check the impact strength of plastic with the digital display for accurate readings.
(Posted on 12/4/2015)

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Izod / Charpy Impact Tester