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Humidity Chamber / Conditioning Chamber

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Humidity Chamber / Conditioning Chamber

The humidity chambers are used in industries to test the effects of various environmental conditions on products or materials. The humidity chambers test the effect of moisture, vibration, temperature, etc. The humidity chamber is a compact device that is used in industries to create actual environmental condition in the laboratories.


In many industries, there is need for testing various properties of end products as well as materials to ensure that only the best quality products reach the customers. One of the major effects that products have to bear is the environmental effects.  For assessment of these effects on the properties of the products, various tests instruments are used and humidity test chamber is one of them.

The humidity test chamber test effects of many different factors on the products such as vibration, moisture, temperature, altitude etc. The lab testing instrument can easily reproduce the quick temperatures change rates, humid conditions that are required for analysis of the effects of environmental factors on the properties of the products. This test helps in assessing the change in the properties of products like plastics, rubber, electronics, automobile etc. The principle of testing that is used in this testing equipment is accelerated environment testing. The chamber has the best level of ease and performance. 

The humidity test chamber is designed and manufactured using a state of the art technology and the best quality raw materials which helps in maintaining the specified temperature and moisture level easily. The level of the temperature and humidity are easily controllable by the users with the help of a front control panel. There is a high class insulation of glass wool  provided with the equipment which ensures that no heat is escaped from the chamber and the heat loss ratio is kept to the minimum.

The circulation of the air within the chamber is kept continuous and constant for best and most accurate test results. One can monitor this through the transparent glass for comparison of the points set and make necessary changes if needed. Heating is efficiently performed by electric heaters that are designed for automatic on and off function for best temperature regulation. A low pressure vapor generator is used for generating humidity and the vapors are injected inside the chamber with the help of an orifice. There is also an exhaust system provided with the chamber which helps in maintaining an ambient temperature in the chamber. 

  • The equipment is provided with a high quality digital controller which is used for measurement of temperature and humidity in a controlled and precise manner.
  • Very powerful and heavy compressors are used to provide rapid variations in temperature inside the chamber. 
  • It is very helpful in reduction of test cycle duration.
  • A humidity sensor is fitted within the chamber to obtain best and accurate results.
  • For ergonomic and easy operation, touch sensitive controls are given on the chamber.
  • Very low maintenance cost is involved with the test equipment.

  • Stainless steel is used for manufacturing of the inner body whereas the outer body of the chamber is fabricated from mild steel which is powder coated. 
  • The lab testing instrument comes with an inner dimension of 18” x 18” x 2 8”. Other sizes are also available on request of customers.
  • The temperature range that can be attained from the chamber is also very wide and varies from ambient to 600C.
  • The humidity level within the chamber can be obtained from 65% to 959% and has an accuracy of ±2% RH.

Customer Reviews

Humidity Testing within Seconds Review by Krishanu Banerjee
The machine allows you to conduct real fast testing and get accurate and precise results. I have been using it to test my electrical components in humid conditions. And I have been able to get the result with no hassle and improve my product accordingly. (Posted on 6/14/2018)
Good and effective chambers Review by Albert
Good and effective chambers to protect the quality of material as it allows me to test under various environmental conditions. It works like an experienced teacher who guides you the about the right and wrong about your future in advance. A good device as it creates all the environmental conditions that could affect the quality of the products (Posted on 12/12/2015)
effects of all environmental conditions effectively checked Review by Geetu
An effective device to check the different environment conditions and its effect on chemical and physical properties of a material. Compact, easy to easy, and precise device to alert about the different conditions that could affect my material. (Posted on 12/9/2015)

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Humidity Chamber / Conditioning Chamber