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GSM Round Cutter

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GSM Round Cutter

A GSM cutter is used for preparation of a test specimen so that exact GSM of a material could be calculated. The cutter has four highly sharpened blades that cut a circular piece of 100 cm2. This gives a lot of knowledge about the properties of the material being tested.


GSM Round Cutter is widely used to precisely cut the specimen in a circular shape in order to check the weight of a specimen. The instrument helps to exactly cut the sample of 100 cm sq. which is equal to 1/100th sq. cm. Now to calculate the GSM or value of gram per square meter of a specimen multiply the result by 100, directly. Hence,

GSM = Weight of the sample in grams x 100

The GSM round cutter has 4 knives. The test sample of 100 cm2 is cut by rotating the knob of the cutter, quarter a turn. It is a very useful and very portable instrument that provides highly accurate circular test samples of paper, textiles, foils, multi layered board and single layered board.

To operate the machine, place a piece of specimen between the board and a cutter. Now leave the safety catch free and apply light pressure on the wheel. For the exact size and shape of the sample, exert very light and even pressure on the wheel and rotate the wheel in a clockwise direction. This procedure gives you a circular sample with even and smooth edges.

  • The body of the portable instrument is fabricated with an aluminium casting that ensures its light weight and flexibility.
  • It provides round shape samples. 
  • It is supplied with imported replaceable German Blades.
  • It provides a sample in standard circular size. 
  • The GSM cutter helps to cut a specimen with the diameter of 113 mm and the area of 100cm2.
  • The instrument is equipped with a unique backlit handle to rotate the wheel.
  • The instrument comprises of heavy duty reversible four stainless steel blades along with the holders. 
  • Blades are provided as an accessory of the instrument.
  • It is incorporated with a safety lock fabricated with the finest quality of brass.
  • The machine is equipped with a pad made-up of rubber.

Customer Reviews

German imported blades has done well Review by Sumit Yadav
Amazing performance and very easy to use. The most hassle-free and sharp cutting blades ever seen. No more inaccurate reading of paperweight can disturb you anymore. (Posted on 6/21/2018)
Fine Quality Blades Review by Priya Gupta
Amazing device for fine cutting of samples in circular shape. The blades of the instrument is branded and of fine quality. Thanks to Labtiger for offering amazing quality of cutter at affordable prices. (Posted on 12/8/2015)

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GSM Round Cutter