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GSM Balance

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GSM Balance

A GSM balance is a highly precise and sensitive weighing balance which is used for weighing of a test specimen so that exact GSM of a material could be determined. It is equipped with a digital display to give the most accurate results.


GSM is a basic characteristic of different materials used in many industries such as fabric, paper, packaging film etc. GSM balances are used for measuring the GSM of a material by cutting a small round sample from the material and then weighing it on the balance. The GSM balances are used in a variety of industries such as textile industry, paper and packaging industry.

The GSM balance weighs the weight of the material directly in gm/m2. The weighing machine is very delicate and provides highly accurate test results. The balance runs on D.C. hence an ac adaptor is provided with the equipment for smooth operation.

The GSM balance is designed in such a way that it delivers highly accurate readings of the GSM. The lab testing instrument has digital display which gives test results directly in gm/m2. The instrument is very compact and does not take much space in lab.

  • The instrument has a digital display and a storage memory.
  • It also has the function of carat, counting and percentage that can be used for weighing jewels.
  • The scale of the equipment has a compact wind shield.
  • The instrument comes with a calibration certificate and user manual.
  • Designed to find exact GSM of paper and packaging materials especially.  
  • The balance is provided with software protection which protects the instrument from any type of overload or shock. 
  • Along with software lock, the equipment is also provided with an integrated transportation lock for extra protection during transit. 
  • The maximum capacity offered by the instrument is 200 gms and has an accuracy of 0.01 g.

Customer Reviews

Amazing tool for Grammage Measurement Review by Mainak Singh
The Digital Panel of the Instrument is just amazing. The machine offers accurate results and accurate grammage of the paper and textile materials of circular standard shape. My special Thanks is for Labtiger who offer the device at very affordable prices and to Presto who manufactures the Premium quality of Product. (Posted on 12/8/2015)

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GSM Balance