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Grammage Checking Kit

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Grammage Checking Kit

The grammage of a material is an important thing to find in the paper and packaging as well as textiles industry. The grammage checking kit is used for this purpose which includes a GSM round cutter and a GSM balance. The GSM round cutter is used for cutting a test specimen from the sample and is used for weighing the test specimen. Both the tools are highly precise and accurate.


Grammage Checking Kit is an arrangement of two testing instruments, namely GSM round cutter and Digital GSM Balance. The kit is meant especially to cut a piece of material in proper and standard size and to measure the GSM of a paper, corrugated sheets or boards, textile material, etc. The kit is used widely in textile and paper industries all over the world. The kit is well-known for reliable and accurate results. Customers can avail the amazing set of instruments at industry leading prices.

Both the components are constructed using high quality of stainless steel. The instruments are designed with aluminum body from outside. Both the equipments are portable and light in weight that ensures easy operations. The round cutter comprises of imported blades that provides accurate samples in standard circular shape. Both the machines are of high quality that provides durability and lifelong working.

GSM Round Cutter:
The GSM round cutter consists of four imported knives. By revolving the knob of the instrument, quarter a turn, the cutter offers a specimen of 100 cm2. It is a best instrument widely used to cut the samples of textiles, papers, foils, paper boards, single layered and multilayered.
To perform the test, place a piece of material you want to cut in circular shape between the sample cutter and the cutting board. Now hold the knob of the instrument and apply little pressure on the knob and rotate the hand wheel, quarter a turn, in clockwise direction. This will help you to get a test specimen of accurate size and shape. This will help you to have a circular sample with smooth edges.

Digital GSM Balance:
The GSM balance, lab testing instrument provides calibration up to 200 grams. The testing instrument is widely used to measure the weight of any material in grams per sq. meter. The machine also comprises of a digital indicator that gives the best results of accurate weight. To operate the machine, simply place the test specimen of circular shape that you get from the GSM round cutter and you will get the output on the digital indicator.

  • Very Simple and Easy to operate both the instruments.
  • Both are Light-weight and portable instruments.

GSM Round Cutter:

  • It has four imported cutting blades.
  • The instrument is provided with 2 special cutting pad. 

Digital GSM Balance:

  • It is a highly portable model that provides results in digital format.
  • The maximum capacity of the balance is 200gm, which offers minimum count of 0.01gm.

The entire kit with both the equipments is supplied complete with a user guide and a calibration certificate.

Customer Reviews

Very useful kit Review by Shankar
Getting an accurate and standard size is easy with the use of grammage checking kit. I am satisfy with the accurate test results and exact samples in standard circular shape. Both GSM round cutter and Digital GSM Balance are effective instruments with a reasonable prices (Posted on 12/7/2015)

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Grammage Checking Kit