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Gemological Swivel Microscope - LTGM-8

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Gemological Swivel Microscope - LTGM-8

Labtiger’s Gemological Swivel Binocular Microscope is widely used to differentiate between imitation gems and genuine gems to judge the origin’s production, to examine the surface inclusions and also to inspect the polishing. It is also used to explain the quality of the jewelry to the customers at a jewelry shop. The microscope is provided with the fluorescent and transmitted incident light system. These types of microscopes have made the reputation for having excellent optics, versatility & economy and rugged dependability.


The gemological swivel microscopes are assembled with a unique sub stage dark field and bright field illuminator, adjustable epi-illuminator along with the gem clamp for unsurpassed versatility in a broad range of industrial and scientific applications. In industries, the combination of transmitted and incident lights is supplied with these microscopes quickly and efficiently that quickly helps to determine the hidden and surface defects. The instrument is used for profile examination under darkfield illumination quickly show up flaws, surface and burrs inclusions, brightly illuminated against a dark background. The microscope is used for mineralogy, geology and gemology to explain the structures of crystals and aids for their positive identification. The microscope is also priceless for certain applications like: to examine the planktons, embryological specimens, fungi or colonies, requires the stereo microscopes with the great depth of field area. The model LTGM-8 offers best quality optics and reliable mechanical components.
  • Easy to use
  • Widely used in biological applications.
  • It is used for mineralogy, geology and gemology to explain the structures of crystals
  • These microscopes are provided with the zoom magnification range from 7x to 45x,
  • Zoom ratio of the lenses is 6.4:1 which is provided with standard Eyepieces WF 10x/20.
  • The instrument offers sharp, clear, flat and good resolution contrast images even at the periphery of the field.
  • The device is provided with the Binocular body which is inclined at 45°, for fatigue-free viewing that can be rotated at an angle of 360° and can be locked in any position.
  • The instrument is ergonomically positioned on the bilateral ocular tubes that are interlocked for improved operation.
  • High Point Eyepiece of 10X with adjustments
  • 43mm-3mm Iris diaphragm.
  • Steel wire and plan jewelry clamp.
  • Provided with some optional accessories like WF20x. Polarizing kit  with analyzer and polarizer. Different stages, graticules, bases, software, etc. 

Customer Reviews

World Class Tool for Gemologists! Review by Swapnil
Amazing tool with user-friendly features, Outstanding quality and affordable prices. A complete package of all the essential features. Best microscope to inspect the difference between genuine and imitation gems. It is provided with fabulous dual lighting system which quickly inspect the hidden defects. Best device to demonstrate the structure of the crystals. Happy to have the amazing tool. It really works! (Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Gemological Swivel Microscope - LTGM-8