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Forensic Comparison Microscopes

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Forensic Comparison Microscopes

Labtiger’s forensic comparison microscopes are highly advanced & versatile testing instrument which is designed mainly for micro-study in Metallurgy, Forensic Science, Crystallography, geology, Mineralogy, and in chemical microscopy. With the ergonomically designed, highly sophisticated instrument, two micro specimens can be studied simultaneously under one eye. It comprises of latest optomechanical expansions in light microscopy. This testing instrument comprises of two microscopes through which split images can be viewed simultaneously, with one image on the left side & the other image on the right side.

The Labtiger’s Forensic Comparison Microscopes two models:

  • LT-M-505

  • LT-M-505B

  • LT-M-505T


This Microscope can also compare hair, fiber, paint fragments, bullets, under the same magnification and lighting conditions. Both the Microscopes offers separate illuminations, coarse and fine motion knobs, quadruple revolving nosepieces, 120mm x 120mm stages and are also mounted on a heavy inbuilt light base. Moreover, Leveling screws are provided to measure the alignment exactly. Transmitted illumination system is supplied by the device to view transparent objects, spot lamps for papers and incident light for opaque objects are provided for different applications. The comparison bridge of the instrument brings both the ray paths together and two images of the specimen under examination. This is separated by a thin line so that the specimens can observe clearly side by side in the viewing field area with the help of a monocular tube.
  • The Forensic Standard comparison Microscopes are designed with Magnification from 20x to 600x along with the combination of following optics:

  • Achromatic Objectives : 10x, 4x and 40x SL

  • Eyepieces: Wide Field10x, h10x micro h15x, and H5x cross.

  • All the paired objectives that are provided with the device are strain free, flat field and designed with anti- reflection coating.

  • The Microscope is supplied with a special Mechanical stage to hold objects like coins, bullets, Industrial materials and many more. Another plate to hold the materials like cartons, currency notes, fingerprints, stamps, etc.

Optinal Accessories

The instrument is provided with some optional accessories that a customer can buy as per their requirement like, Photo-micrographic Attachment, Oil Immersion 100x, Semi-Plan Objectives 2.5x, 20x, 60x, Projection Screen Attachment, USB Camera with necessary software and Spare Eyepieces, etc.

Customer Reviews

Meant for forensic lab Review by Krish khemu
A very thoughtful tool for forensic science lab allowing observations of two specimens under one eye. Good tool to view even the split images fantastic and amazing microscope. (Posted on 12/30/2015)
Very Very Helpful Review by Daya Mehra
Ordering this product from Labtiger is like getting a help from a friend in time of need. I work for the forensic lab and each day is a challenge for me. In my job, no place for mistake otherwise I could be fired. The forensic comparison microscope can even compare the hair very effectively!!! They have provided two microscopes at left and right sides to check and compare the specimen simultaneously. This is aiding me to observe the hair, nail, blood stain and several tiny specimens that I have to test each day. So, I am grateful to Labtiger for introducing all the models of Forensic Comparison Microscopes. (Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Forensic Comparison Microscopes