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Flammability Tester

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Flammability Tester

The flammability tester is a commonly used testing instrument in industries to check whether a product has enough resistance to combustion or not. It is basically use in industries such as textiles, plastics, paint and so forth. The instrument offers highly accurate results with great repeatability and reliability. There are two models of this machine available.


The flammability tester is a widely used testing instrument that is used for testing a wide range of products in industries. The instrument is provided with a stainless steel brushing device. The equipment is in strict compliance with the ASTM D-1230 standard and many other international standards for best accuracy and reliability. The main usage of this lab testing instrument is in the rubber industry. 

There are two models of Flammability tester available for the customers that are:

  • Flammability Tester for textiles which a 450 angle. 
  • Horizontal Flammability tester for automotive industry. 

The tester is widely used for checking the burning characteristics of any material. Especially used in textile and rubber industry. The cabinet of the tester is made from high grade stainless steel that provides very clear observation. The instrument is also provided with a Digital timer that can easily measure the timing and speed of the flames.

1) Flammability Tester for Textile : 45 ̊ Angle

  • Very easy operation.
  • Meets all the necessary standards.
  • Comes with complete user manual and calibration certificate. 

2) Horizontal Flammability Tester for Automotive

  • Is in strict compliance with CFR standards and comes with all the calibration certificates with traceability.

1) Flammability Tester for Textile : 45 ̊ Angle

  • The equipment has a clear observation panel with a SS test cabinet. 
  • The machine is also provided with a digital timer which is used to measure flame speed. 
  • The instrument comes with five SS specimen holders, clips, clamps for micro switch operation, 2 dead weights, gauges and empty cylinders, gas pipe and SS clamps for pipes and a brushing device.

2) Horizontal Flammability Tester for Automotive

The horizontal flammability tester s has cabinet with dimensions 381x203x356mm. It has a glass observation window in the front which is closable so that the specimen could be inserted easily. The cabinet is also provided with a clearance space of 13mm clearance space around the top of the cabinet. There are ten holes in the base of the cabinet, the diameter of each hole is 19mm and legs are provided to keep the bottom of the cabinet as a height of the instrument 10mm from the ground.
There are two matching U-shaped frames of metal stock 25mm width and 10 mm height with adequate fixture for holding as per the standards.
A standard Bunsen burner is also provided with the instrument with a least count of one second.

Customer Reviews

Amazing Product! Timely delivery of Product! Review by Ajay Pandey
Best Instrument to measure the resistance of materials to combustion. Being a manufacturer in textile industry, i was looking for the product, it is an amazing production by Presto. I also thank to Labtiger for their superb services at affordable prices. (Posted on 12/9/2015)

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Flammability Tester