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Environment Stress Cracking Resistance Tester

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Environment Stress Cracking Resistance Tester

The environmental stress cracking resistance tester is used for detecting the change in the properties of a test specimen under various environmental conditions. The testing instrument is able to replicate various real life conditions such as pollution, dust, presence of soap, oil, etc. the instrument has great usability in many industries such as plastics, PET and Preform etc.


Environment stress cracking resistance is the property of a material, by the virtue of which it resists the failure due to brittleness. This property is an important aspect of the better quality of materials, especially polymeric materials. The frequency of brittle failure depends on the various properties of different materials in varying environmental circumstances such as the level of stress exerted on the materials, presence of oils, soap, pollution, dust, etc.

The ESCR testing method is clearly stated in many standards set by different standardization agencies so that ESCR could be calculated in an efficient manner. The various factors that affect the results of an ESCR test performed on a plastic container are container design, size, resin used, blow molding process, etc.

The ESCR tester is a lab testing instrument that is specially designed as per the standards set by ASTM D 1693. It is an ideal device to evaluate the effects of the environmental conditions on the properties of polymeric materials. The factors that are tested include circumstances of tension, lower levels of stress, presence of agents like soaps, wetting agents, etc.

The testing instrument is best for testing plastic containers, PET bottles, and other polymeric products for assurance of best quality.

  • The machine is highly accurate and reliable.
  • The equipment is designed according to the Indian and international standards.

  • The machine can be operated easily with a power supply of single phase 230V, 50Hz AC.
  • The temperature range that can be attained with the machine varies from ambient to 2000C. 
  • The inner bath is made of SS while the outer body is manufactured from Mild Steel, which is duly powder coated.
  • The machine has six stations for specimen placement. 
  • The instrument has the nice finish of gray and blue color.

Customer Reviews

Excellent and great machine Review by Preeti
Useful and informative machine to check the quality of PET and Preform under different environmental conditions. I think it is the best widely used machine and one cannot deny with the quality promise using the tester. Great and excellent (Posted on 12/5/2015)

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Environment Stress Cracking Resistance Tester