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Drop Tester

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Drop Tester

The drop tester is used for testing of materials and products in packaging industries so that the resistance of the material against deformation due to drop or impact could be tested. It is used for testing solid fiber boxes, corrugated boxes, shipping containers etc.


Drop tester is very useful equipment that is used for determination of strength of a box to survive the transit. It is basically used for testing of Corrugated Boxes, solid fiber boxes and shipping containers. The instrument has an arrangement for dropping at an angle which accurately determines the strength of the packaging to resist various forces during the transportation.

A drop tester is used for measuring the ability of a box to remain intact once it is subjected to a high impact or drop. The test is basically once or several time more than once for exact analysis of various effects that the box experience during a free drop while handling and transportation. It is an ideal equipment to analyze the package design before commencing the production and use.

Need for testing:
The test is performed to check the effect of various forces during its transit. This helps in prevention of progressive damage to the box during transportation which keeps the boxes and products safe.

  • The machine is suitable for testing boxes and jerry-cans. 
  • The equipment offers high accuracy and repeatability of test results. 
  • The instrument comes with a conformance certificate.

  • The equipment has a height of 1.2 meter which is further adjustable.
  • Customers can also avail models with higher height. 
  • The maximum load that can be exerted on the box is 50kg. 
  • The maximum and minimum heights to perform the drop test are 1800mm and 500mm respectively. 
  • The machine is in strict compliance with standards like IS: 7028 Part IV.

Customer Reviews

Good for packaging boxes Review by Krishna
A good testing equipment to test the resistance of packaging boxes because I have to face the boxes crack issue every day. Drop tester has solved my problem, now I can check the resistance so it would not damage if dropped. A very good product for the packaging industries. I appreciate.
(Posted on 12/7/2015)

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Drop Tester