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Dart Impact Tester

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Dart Impact Tester

The Dart Impact Tester is a high end reliable and accurate testing instrument that is majorly used in packaging industries to test the packaging products for their strength against penetration from a freely falling dart. The test is conducted to find out whether a packaging material will be able to survive the transportation and storage process or not.


A Dart impact tester is an ideal testing instrument that is used for determination of impact of load on a plastic film when it is subjected to the force under a freely falling Dart. The dart exerts a load that causes damage to the plastic film which is then analyzed to assess the resistance of the film to the dart. It is a commonly used lab testing instrument normally used in the plastic industries for checking the stability and strength of the plastic film other such products.

The dart impact test is also termed as impact failure load test for plastics which can be described as the procedure in which a load of a dart having a hemispherical shape which is falling on the plastic sheet which is held with firm grip through clamps from a specific height. This causes almost 50% of the test specimens to collapse. It is a beneficial tool as it can help in controlling the peak strength and normal strength characteristics so that the process of production setting and adjustments could speed up.

The dart impact tester is an efficient machine that can easily evaluate the toughness or strength of a plastic film. The test procedure includes configuration of dart and drop height with varying weights of the dart. The test procedure is widely used for quality control as well as end use assessment. The dart has a hemispherical shape and can be easily dropped from uneven heights. The dart is held with the help of an electromagnetic holder which can be released from different heights by just pressing a button. The height of the dart can be set manually. The result can be observed from a digital panel provided with the machine.

  • The instrument is built on a base of rigid metal alloy. 
  • The instrument is provided with a strong dart holder. 
  • The dart can be easily released by pressing a button. 
  • A fast, reliable and accurate way of getting the test results from different heights.
  • The instrument is provided with a user manual and a conformance certificate that are traceable to NABL. 
  • The machine is painted in autumn grey and blue color along with chrome plating for resistance to corrosion.

  • The clamps provided with the machine have an inner diameter of 127mm. 
  • To conduct the test, a sample strips with a width of 240mm are required. 
  • The machine is equipped with an electro-magnetic release mechanism. 
  • The Dart head has a diameter of 38mm for the test method A and 50mm for the test method B.
  • The height for the free fall can be set up to 1524mm. 
  • The instrument is also equipped with a digital counter.
  • There is a requirement of 220 volt single phase AC for operation of the instrument. 
  • The instrument has a dimension of 50 x 35 x 215 cm.
  • The net weight of the equipment is approximately 38Kg and gross weight of the equipment is 68Kg with packaging. 
  • The instrument also comes with a vacuum pump which is optional for customers to buy. 
  • The related standard to the test equipment are IS 2508 – 1984 – which is for low Density Polythene films

Customer Reviews

Plastics strength easy to determine Review by Manoj
Easy to determine the impact of load on the plastics in an accurate way. Knowing the actual strength of the product is easy and most important getting the exact result. Good to maintain the quality of plastics. Very advanced and digital panel is helpful to view the result. (Posted on 12/7/2015)

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Dart Impact Tester