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Cupping Machine

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Cupping Machine

The cupping machine is a commonly used machine in the field of paint and plating and helps the manufacturers to detect the robustness of the paint and coatings when applied on a metal surface. It tests the resistance of the paint coating against cracking when there is a deformation experienced by the substrate.


Cupping Machine is used to measure the potency of metal sheet components. The lab machine is mainly preferred by the manufacturers in paint & plating industry to measure the robustness of metal components. The testing instrument strictly adheres to national and international standard test methods, namely IS: 10175 (Part1); 1993 and ISO 8490:1986.

Cupping machine is incorporated with a standard ball having a cylindrical shape head, which is made to break the specimen of thickness 2mm. To perform the test, insert a piece of specimen inside the machine. Now rotate the hand operated wheel by exerting optimum amount of pressure in the clockwise direction so that the ball moves towards the metal sheet sample and produces continuous cracks in the sheet. The procedure of displacement of sphere-shaped punch that work till the specimen cracks is known as cupping that explains the quality of metal sheets. The intensity tells that how durable is your specimen. The users can clearly view the test specimen and the effect on the sheet with the help of a mirror, attached to the machine.

  • Gives accurate and correct data.
  • A mirror is provided with the machine to view the results completely.
  • Cupping machine is provided to the customers with an instruction guide, wiring diagram and a certificate traceable to highly approved labs, NABL.

  • The standards on the basis of which the machine is designed are IS: 10175 (Part I); 1993 and ISO 8490: 1986.
  • It has a standard ball having a cylindrical test head.
  • It is operated manually with a hand operated wheel to move the ball.
  • As per the standards, the thickness of the specimen should be 2mm.
  • The DIA of the ball is 20+/-0.05
  • Manual clamping to fix the sample.

Customer Reviews

Got appreciation Review by David
Hey great cupping machine, I ordered it from labtiger and my co-workers appreciated me for the great choice. I relate to paint industry and it was a hectic work to maintain the quality and check the robustness of the paint on a metal surface. But no more hectic task as it made my life easy. (Posted on 12/9/2015)

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Cupping Machine