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Conical Mandrel Bending

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Conical Mandrel Bending

The conical mandrel bending tester is a precise testing instrument used mainly in plating industries for detection of various properties of plating or coatings. The various properties include resistance to cracking, flexibility and sticking ability of the coating material. It is a very useful instrument for paint and plating industries.


Conical mandrel bending testing apparatus helps to determine the various properties of plating or coating. The machine is used to observe the cracking resistance or detachment of plating from its substrate, kept under test. It is a technique to evaluate the sticking properties and flexibility of a coating which is affected when the material is subjected to bending stress.

It is best instrument used in industrial laboratories to bend the plated material over a cone-shaped mandrel to analyze its elasticity or resistance. The instrument is designed as per the standard test methods ASTM D522 and ISO 6860. The cone shape of the apparatus permits the coated material to deform to examine the elasticity range of paint.

The testing instrument is widely used to test the resistance of paints and varnishes to analyze its detachment ability and coating resistance from a metal product. The machine comprises of a conical mandrel of specific length fabricated with steel material and with a tapering of a specific diameter. It is also incorporated with the scale on the clamping bar that shows the diameter of the mandrel at which the failure occurs. Hence, the elongation through the instrument is computed by simply adding the mandrel diameter measurement to the thickness of the specimen used for the test.

  • Easy to use.
  • Widely used in paint & plating industries.

  • The thickness of the metal specimen can be up to 1.5mm.

Customer Reviews

efficient machine Review by Liza
An exact testing machine to detect the properties of plating. Determining the cracking and sticking ability is easy. Very useful and reliable machine. (Posted on 12/9/2015)

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Conical Mandrel Bending