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Color Matching Cabinet - USA Model

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Color Matching Cabinet - USA Model

The color matching cabinets are designed for visual analysis and review of color under standard matching lights such as TFL light, CWF light, Ultra Violet black light, D65, etc. The machine is suggested mainly to the manufacturers of garment manufacturer, yarn, fabric processors and suppliers.  The analysis of change in color is performed with the help of gray scale. Along with this the following models are also available -  Color Matching Cabinet- Euro ModelColor Matching Cabinet - Asia Model


This is a widely known fact that there are many sorts of variations in color appearance shown by the products under different lighting conditions. This phenomenon is called Metamerism. The color matching cabinet- USA Model is designed as per the lighting standards preferred by the US markets. The light sources in this color matching cabinet replicate the most commonly found lighting conditions in USA. The color matching cabinet is designed as per the international standards set by the authorities that make it possible for the manufacturers and designer to provide the best quality products to their customers without the problem of Metamerism. With this testing instrument it is possible to match colors in different light conditions in very different time and in an easy convenient way. This is the reason color matching cabinets have been used for decades for this purpose.
  • The instruments provide faster, closer and accurate analysis of colors.
  • All the three machines are very easy to operate and offer accurate results in a very small period of time.
  • The machines are provided with on-off switch buttons for every single light.

Color Matching Cabinet (As per USA Model)

The testing instrument comprises of SIX different light sources, namely UV Black light, CWF light, TL – 84 Light, D65 Artificial daylight, Incandescent INCAA light and Ultra Loom 30 light.

  • Incandescent INCAA light – The light source is used mainly where a yellowish red light is essential.
  • Ultra Loom 30 light – The light releases yellowish rays with a red tone in very high quantity with a temperature of 3000K(approx.)

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Good machine for quality improvement Review by Neetu
Labtiger proved again to introduce only the best quality of machines to their customers. I am grateful for the machines as it helped me a lot to improve the quality of my products. A feel good feeling. (Posted on 12/3/2015)

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Color Matching Cabinet - USA Model