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Color Matching Cabinet - EURO Model

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Color Matching Cabinet - EURO Model

Color matching cabinet is used in almost all production verticals, industrial laboratories, which it is mandatory to maintain the color consistency and quality of the products such as fabric, paint etc. The testing machine provides indistinguishable environment and light sources for evaluation and assessment of different colors in different lights. It is a must have instrument for industries where there is extensive use of colors such as textiles, pint and plastics industries. Along with this the following models are also available - Color Matching Cabinet - Asia ModelColor Matching Cabinet (As per USA Model)


It has been noticed that metamerism creates lot of problems. Metamerism is that phenomenon in which a piece of material is kept under a light source, but looks completely different when judged under another light source. In that case, the instrument is highly recommended to use. The lab testing machine is widely used in fabric manufacturing industries, paint industries and for measuring the color consistency of various other products. The instrument is highly useful for accurate, faster color analysis. The test method is hence used globally from a long time.
  • The instruments provide faster, closer and accurate analysis of colors.
  • All the three machines are very easy to operate and offer accurate results in a very small period of time.
  • The machines are provided with on-off switch buttons for every single light.

Color Matching Cabinet Euro Model

The testing cabinet is incorporated with four different light sources namely,

  • D -65, Artificial daylight –  It’s a source of light, light-blue in color used in matching various applications like paints, plastic, textiles and various other colored products. The D-65 light source focuses on blue lights and suppresses red and green light.
  • Tungsten Filament Light – It is light bulb generally used in homes as a luminous tungsten lamp. The light shines only when the power is passed through it.
  • Ultraviolet Black Light – Ultraviolet Black light is also termed as wood’s light. The light releases long UV rays that do not have high brightness.
  • TL – 84 Light – Point of Sale – This light emits a high amount of green light which has a color range of 4100K (approx). The CRI of the light is 86 (approx.).

Customer Reviews

color consistency issue resolved Review by Luckey
Useful for laboratory testing and helping me maintaining the color consistency and quality of the paint.
Helpful to check the color consistency in different environmental conditions and light sources.
(Posted on 12/3/2015)

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Color Matching Cabinet - EURO Model