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Cobb Sizing Tester

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Cobb Sizing Tester

To determine the water absorption property of a sample cardboard or a Paper, a Cobb sizing tester is used. The instrument helps in understanding the quality of packaging materials such as corrugated boxes, cardboard and so forth. It helps in assessment of their suitability for usage under moist conditions. A must have for packaging industries.


The Cobb sizing tester is introduced to analyze the quantity of water absorbed by a piece of paper or cardboard in a definite time period. The Cobb value is calculated with the Cobb sizing tester which indicates the quantity of water absorbed by a 1 square meter of paper, cardboard or corrugated box under defined conditions. The testing apparatus provides measurable and accurate results.

The testing machine helps to evaluate the adequacy level cardboard. To record the accurate measurements, first of all, take the weight of a specimen, now place it in water stored in a rubber based cylindrical ring by exposing the upper area of the specimen to the water. After a period of time, the specimen has absorbed a sufficient quantity of water. Now, drain the remaining water of the cylindrical ring and place the wet specimen on the plane surface with the wet side above. Now press the specimen with the roller, to remove the extra water. Again, take the weight of the sample. The enhanced weight, the sample has gained after the test procedure is its water absorbency. This test procedure will help to calculate the cob sizing value of a specimen easily.

The Cobb sizing tester helps to gauge the amount of liquid penetration into a paper or sheet. It is a hand operated model which required labor-intensive clamping and manual sample positioning. The testing device supports smooth release and smooth clamping to release and fix the specimen respectively.

  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Fast fixing of the specimen
  • Labor-intensive clamping and sample positioning
  • Provides smooth clamping and release.
  • Easy to use.

  • It is provided with a hand Roller
  • The cylindrical panel is fixed with a flat rubber base to place the specimen easily.

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Cobb Sizing Tester