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Bursting Strength Tester

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Bursting Strength Tester

The bursting strength tester Analogue model is a highly preferred tool for testing the bursting strength of various packaging materials such as filter cloth, uneven boxes and boards, industrial fabric, solid boards of fibers, paper boards, leather, Rexene, plastic films, and sheets. The bursting strength test helps in estimation of the quality of the materials and compares it with other similar materials. The bursting strength of the materials is tested against a specific amount of hydraulic pressure applied on the materials. Other models of this instruments are also available that are as follows - Digital ModelPneumatic ModelComputerized Cum Digital Model with Manual Clamping,  Computerized Cum Digital Model with Pneumatic Clamping


It is a reliable index for measuring the strength of various materials and packaging products. The equipment is an ideal lab testing instrument to test the materials for their strength, performance and quality. The machine offers high ease of operation. The instrument is properly calibrated for reliable and accurate results. It is used widely in many industries, education institutions, laboratories etc.

There are two clamps present in the machine that are lower clamp and upper clamp. The test specimen is basically placed between both the clamps for strong hold. Adequate amount of pressure is applied on the specimen to avoid any slippage. The upper clamp has spiral grooves and the lower clamp has concentric grooves. The strength of the material is measured using the testing instrument in two ways that are manual exertion of pressure and automatic exertion of pressure through rubber structure. The area of application of pressure is circular in shape.

When there is application of force, the specimen collapses along with diaphragm. In this way the bursting strength of the material is duly calculated according to the maximum pressure required to be applied on the material for failure. The pressure applied is measured using a Pressure gauge.


The strength calculated through this procedure is used to calculate the maximum weight that the material can bear before failure. This helps the engineers in deciding the factor of safety for the material. The results can be easily viewed and assessed in analogue meters, digital screens and in form of graphs of computer screen.

  • Easy installation
  • High accuracy for calculation of bursting strength of a material.
  • Highly useful for enhancement of the performance of the products.
  • Easy calibration is possible.

  • The instrument is available with an analogue gauge.
  • There are two clamps provided with the equipment that are upper and lower clamps with a diameter of 30.5 mm and 38.1 mm respectively.
  • The fluid in the instrument dis-articulates at a rate of 95cc/minute.
  • With this instrument a pressure of 35 kg per square centimeter can be applied on the specimen for measurement of bursting power.
  • The test fluid that is used in the instrument for creating pressure is glycerin oil.
  • There is a reduction type worm wheel gear box provided with the instrument.
  • The power needed to operate the instrument is ½ KW and has a motor of ½ HP single phase.
  • Related standards- IS1060 Part-I 1987.
  • There is stiff base plate of metal used for assembly of the instrument and is given a nice appearance with autumn grey and blue color. The Equipment is provided with chrome plating for protection from rust.
  • The equipment comes with an instruction manual, NABL certificates and spare diaphragms. 

Customer Reviews

Boon for the PET bottle industries Review by Tom Gomes
Boon for the PET bottle industries because I was facing the problem of frequent bottle burst during transit. It costs me more than earnings. Everyday complaint was a headache for me. Thanks to Labtiger for the analogue model of bursting strength tester (Posted on 12/11/2015)

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Bursting Strength Tester