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Bursting strength tester - Pneumatic Model

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Bursting strength tester - Pneumatic Model

The bursting strength of a material gives a lot of information about various properties of the material. Our pneumatic model of bursting strength testers is a highly sophisticated instrument that is used for accurately calculate the bursting strength of a material so that it could be determined that how much weight can be exerted on the materials without any distortion or damage. The instrument is highly demanded in various industries and production verticals. Apart from this, there are several other models available for customers - Analogue ModelDigital ModelComputerized Cum Digital Model with Manual ClampingComputerized Cum Digital Model with Pneumatic Clamping


The pneumatic model of the bursting strength tester is a stable and reliable means of calculating the bursting strength of different materials ranging from leather, plastic films, Rexene, industrial fabrics and so forth. The machine is provided with two clamps that are used for holding the products. The pressure is exerted on the test specimen using a pneumatic press to the point of collapse of the sample. The pressure required to burst the sample completely is displayed on the digital screen and is used for calculation of the bursting strength of the material. The force applied by the holding clamps to hold the test sample can be easily adjusted in the pneumatic model to get the most accurate results of the test. The bursting strength of the material calculated through the test tells about the maximum weight it can bear prior to collapse. This helps the designers and manufacturing engineers in deciding the factor of safety for a material or a product.
  • Easy adjustment of clamping force.
  • Single push button procedure is offered by the instrument.
  • The instrument provided digital and highly accurate readings.
  • The instrument displays the reading in digital format and has a least count of 0.1 kg/cm2.

  • The clamping is done with pneumatic pressure and the results are obtained in digital format.
  • The instrument offers a wide range of pressure application of 40kg per square centimeter.
  • The instrument ahs a least count of 0.1kg/cm2.
  • The machine ahs dimensions as follows:  750 x 410 x 550 (L x W x H).
  • Weight of the lab testing equipment is 85 KG.
  • The electrical power supply of 220 volt, 50 Hz is needed to operate the instrument.
  • Compressed air is used for clamping with pneumatic pressure.
  • The standards that are related to the equipment are IS 1060, Part I 1987.
  • The base plate of the machine is made from stiff and strong metal along with zinc plating for corrosion resistance.
  • There are two spare diaphragms, an user guide and Certificates of conformation that are provided with the instrument

Customer Reviews

Very useful and likable device Review by Gautam gill
Got all information of your material through one magical instrument and that is pneumatic model of bursting strength tester. Very useful and likable device. (Posted on 12/11/2015)

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Bursting strength tester - Pneumatic Model