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Bursting Strength Tester Computerized Cum Digital Model with Manual Clamping

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Bursting Strength Tester Computerized Cum Digital Model with Manual Clamping

The bursting strength of a material is a property that helps in determining many properties of a material. The computerized model of bursting strength tester offered here is the most convenient way to determine the bursting strength of a material. It provides very accurate data about the strength of the test sample after performing simple test procedure which enables you to enhance your product quality to a great extent. Apart from this, following models of bursting strength tester are also available - Analogue ModelDigital ModelPneumatic ModelComputerized Cum Digital Model with Pneumatic Clamping


This model of the bursting strength tester is a computerized cum digital model with the facility of manual clamping. It is a highly reliable and stable testing instrument providing accurate and repeatable results to test the bursting strength of a material. In this model the material can be easily tested with some simple steps of testing and the results can be obtained on the computer which is connected to the testing instrument with the aid of high end computer software. With this model, it becomes very easy to generate reports for the test conducted on a particular material. Additionally it can also store a large number of data with the help of the computer connected to the instrument.

Once the bursting strength of a material is determined, the designers and engineers can easily decide the factor of safety that should be associated with the products made from that material. This can be very helpful to build a satisfied clientele by providing products with enhanced quality.  

  • The test reports can be depicted in the graphical format of Pressure vs. Time.
  • For future, user can save the reports on the desktop.
  • 10 sample reports can be easily seen at a time.
  • User can e-mail the reports.
  • An excel sheet can be maintained for better understanding of the test data.
  • Company details like address, logo, etc can be inserted in to the report very easily.
  • Easy programming of Pass/Fail criteria is possible.
  • The test report clearly mentions the name, batch number, standards, shape and time of the test sample and test conducted along with remarks. 
  • The pressure needed for complete bursting the specimen completely is calculated through a digital indicator.
  • The equipment offers a high range of 40Kg per square centimeter.
  • The instrument has a least count of 0.1Kg per cm2.
  • The instrument is available with a dual operating system viz. Digital Display (in Case computer is not available for use), and inbuilt Hardware and CD.
  • The standard followed while designing and manufacturing of this product is IS 1060, Part-I 1987.
  • The instrument is placed on a heavy metal base and has a finish in autumn grey and blue color with zinc plating which makes it corrosio0n resistant.
  • The product is provided with an instruction manual, two spare diaphragms and calibration certificates that can be traced to labs approved by NABL. 

Customer Reviews

Supportive device Review by Trilok
Convenient testing procedures and very exact data is provided. The computerized cum digital model is more convenient to use and a supporting device to improve the quality of the products. (Posted on 12/11/2015)

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Bursting Strength Tester Computerized Cum Digital Model with Manual Clamping