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Bottle Burst Tester

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Bottle Burst Tester

The Bottle Burst Tester Digital is a useful and reliable testing instrument that is mostly used in PET industries for testing cans, bottles and packs especially where there is the use of highly pressurized carbonated liquids are filled. It is a highly sophisticated and easy to use testing instrument. An easy and effective instrument to test bursting strength of the bottles in the PET industries is with the use of bottle burst testers. In addition to the digital model, a touch screen model of a bottle burst tester is also available. 


The design and the thickness of the bottle walls play an important role in deciding the strength of the bottle against bursting under pressure. The test is mainly meant to test the strength and efficiency of the design of the bottles. With this test, it becomes easy to determine various parameters of bottle quality such as bottle expansion volume and burst pressure. The lab testing machine is equipped with a highly reliable and pre-settable timer which can be limited to999 seconds. There is also a facility of auto cut which is offered by the machine.

The bottle burst tester- Digitalis provided with hydraulic controls that are used for the exertion of pressure on the bottles. There is also an auto-pressure hold facility incorporated in the equipment which helps in maintaining desired pressure on the bottle for a definite time. The equipment comes with a high-quality pressure compressor along with a regulator assembly and filter.

When the machine is operated, there are essential measures that are taken to maintain best level of the safety. The instrument is built perfectly according to the safety guidelines set by international authorities. There is a secure steel casing provided for best safety levels during the usage of the equipment. 

  • The instrument uses 7 standard bars compressed air for operation.
  • The machine has a faster cycle time.
  • The machine has the facility to display the result of the test in the form of PASS/ FAIL on the screen.
  • It has a self-calibration property.
  • Auto sample holding is another feature offered by the instrument.
  • An automatic alarm is given with the machine which triggers once the test is completed

  • The instrument operates on 110V/220V power supply.
  • It has hydraulic controls for better control and application of pressure on the test samples.
  • It has an auto-hold facility which maintains proper levels of pressure throughout the test procedure.
  • There is a pressure compressor provided with the equipment along with a regulator assembly and a filter.
  • The machine comes with a secure steel outer casing which ensures better level of safety.
  • Standards followed in the designing and manufacturing of this equipment include IS02758, ASTMD774, BS 3424, DIN53861.

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Best to Measure the Burst Strength! Superb Deal at Best Prices! Review by Abhinav Jindal
Excellent Product Quality! Superb Deal! Happy to buy the Product from Labtiger! Labtiger provides best services and deliver the product on time. (Posted on 12/4/2015)

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Bottle Burst Tester