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Bottle Burst Tester - Touch Screen Model

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Bottle Burst Tester - Touch Screen Model

The touch screen model of Bottle burst tester is an upgraded version of the digital model that is widely used in the industries where PET bottle is used for packaging of highly pressurized aerated drinks. The touch screen model provides highly accurate and reliable test results of the bursting strength of a PET bottle. THE instrument is best for use in bottling plants of aerated and carbonated drinks as well the PET bottles manufacturing plants. Along with the touch screen model, the bottle burst tester is also available in digital model.


The bottle bursting tester is a widely used testing instrument that is meant for testing the strength of bottles to bear the pressure exerted on then when they are filled with aerated drinks or carbonated drinks. The instrument gives an exact measure of the volume extension and burst strength of the bottles that are used for packaging. It is a highly useful instrument for PET manufacturing industries to check the quality of their products. The instrument is provided with a highly advanced touch screen which makes it highly easy to use. Along with that, touch screen also helps in obtaining highly accurate and reliable results with high rate of repeatability. The instrument is equipped with pneumatic controls along with a buzzing alarm which intimidates the completion of every test procedure every time. The high end computer software provided with the instrument allows the instrument to integrate a computer for extension of more functions. With the USB data interface, the test reports can be easily transferred to the computer for easy viewing.
  • The instrument offers automatic hold and release function which holds and releases the test sample automatically.
  • It allows accessing the history of the test conducted.
  • Pressure can be adjusted automatically and very easily with the use of HMI touch screen.
  • The touch screen model also provides you the test results in graphical format.
  • The machine has self-calibration facility.
  • It comes with a USB 1.1 data interface which helps in easy transfer of data from the machine to other devices.
  • There is an auto buzzer provided with the machine which buzzes every time after the test completes.
  • It is incorporated with an 8” HMI touch screen with 65536 colors.
  • The touch screen is I complete compliance with Nema4, IP65 standards, CE and UL approved. 
  • The equipment is best for getting information about the expansion volume and burst pressure of bottles used in industries.
  • It is incorporated with a touch screen along Human Machine Interface.
  • The equipment has pneumatic controls for easy operation.
  • It also has the automatic alarm which buzzes after every test procedure is completed.
  • The machine also has a feature to set fixed pressure where the desired pressure can be achieved in a very short time.

RAMP rate software is also provided with the machine along with its hardware.

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Bottle Burst Tester - Touch Screen Model