Seal integrity of a bottle is a foremost factor of a good packaging bottle. There are special marks on the bottles and the closure to make the closing and opening of the bottle fast. There are various ways to test the integrity of the seal. However, visual inspection is not sufficient for this. Torque testing is one effective method to ensure that.

How to Perform Torque Testing?

Torque certainly cannot be measured without using a machine. A torque testing machine is used to get the precise measurement of the force required to open the cap. A torque tester is available in multiple models, manual and automatic. In the manual model, the lower end of the bottle is clamped in the pegs / grips. There are torque sensors incorporated in the machine to measure the load applied manually.

In the automatic model, the neck and bottom of the bottle are clamped. The lower end is clamped on the pegs, while the upper end is clamped on a stationary assembly. The pegs will rotate until the cap of the bottle opens. The force applied by the machine to open the cap is measured by the load sensor and displayed on the screen.

Why Measuring Torque is Important?

It is a well-known fact that loose caps are often lead to leakage of liquid content packed inside. Also, loose caps tend to get opened if fallen accidentally. Another reason for having appropriate torque requirement is to be opened by intended user only. Let’s take the example of pharmaceutical bottles. The bottles should have enough torque so that a child cannot open the bottle. On the other hand, it should not be very tight, so that a person with weak strength finds it hard to open.

Another example, bottles carrying reactive chemicals having low torque. These bottles are prone to accidental leakage of contents. Due to accidental falling, the loose cap may lead to spillage of liquid packed inside. This could be hazardous for the people working in the surroundings.

In packing of carbonated contents, if the seals have high torque. Then, it would become very difficult to open due to pressure building up inside the bottle. This pressure further increases the rotation force required. Thus, it is very important to measure the torque in every industry.

Why Presto’s Torque Testing Machines?

Torque tester offered by Presto comes in 2 models, manual and automatic. Automatic model completely eliminates the human interference. This increases the accuracy of the test results. For pocket-friendly budgets, the manual model can be opted, in which torque is applied by the operator. Rest is done by the machine itself.