Plastic is used in different industries in different forms. Plastic testing instruments are accepted worldwide for assessing different properties for different types. There are many things that need to be tested on different stages of production, like testing of raw material, testing of tensile strength after moulding, environmental testing and so on. To test the rigid plastic, Charpy and Izod impact tests are done on the sample. The test cannot be performed on just any other piece of plastic, a sample is to be prepared.


A plastic to be used in mass production is cut into the predefined dimension. A V-shaped notch is made using a notch cutter. It is important to make the notch so as to make the sample prone to breakage. A notch cutter is an important instrument in plastic testing. As the dimensions of the notch are defined in the standards and it is certainly impossible to make the notch manually.

Performing the Charpy Test

Charpy impact tester is a very simple machine designed to calculate the resistance of the material to free fall impact. The machine has a hammer style pendulum on which dead weights are attached. The weight is decided as per the internal standards and application of the end product. The hammer is resting on a plunger at an angle of 150°. Using a push button, the plunger is removed and the hammer falls freely on the sample clamped on the fixtures. The test comprises of vertical impact on the horizontally clamped sample, Charpy test is performed. The As the plunger displaces from its position, the potential energy stored in the hammer converts into kinetic energy and hits hard the sample. The force that is required to break the sample will be sensed by the sensor and displayed on the screen.

Performing the Izod Impact Test

Izod impact test is performed in a similar manner. The only difference is the placement of the sample. When the horizontal impact is made on the vertically clamped sample, the test is known as Izod Impact. The test can be performed with the same machine, only the fixture to hold the sample changes.

How are Izod/Charpy Impact Testers designed?

The impact testers are designed in accordance with the international standard test method ASTM D-256, D883; D618; D1928; D1204; D1248 & E691. Complying with the testing standards, the machine gives precise and accurate test results. The instrument is loaded with user-friendly features to operate the device easily.

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