Snap Button Pull-Out Tester is a vital testing instrument in the textile industry. It is highly demanded by the fabric manufacturers worldwide. The textile plant, where the distinct components of a fabric are going to be assembled, requires all fasteners and attachments to be tested for their pull off strength. They do not entertain suppliers who deliver material without a standard testing done. Hence, it has become important to accurately evaluate the pullout strength of fabric attachments by using standardized testing instruments.


How to conduct a standard strength test?

To evaluate the holding or breaking strength of snap fasteners onto garments, the instrument must be used which complies with ASTM D 4846- 88 and ASTM D 1776 standards. Labtiger’s testing instrument is one such instrument which is widely used in textile industry. It is equipped with an upper snap clamp, a lower fabric clamp & force gauge mounted on a stand. It is utilized for testing the vertical orientation tension of button.

Steps to follow for operating the machine:

  1. The snap piece of cloth is attached to the upper snap clamp and the other part of the garment is fixed to the lower fabric clamp.
  2. By rotating the top flywheel, the operator can apply a particular force and resultant breaking strength can be recorded.

The tester must be used as a responsibility of the garment manufacturer to ensure that the button is attached to the ready-made garments properly. Moreover, a standard use of the testing instruments in child apparels can avoid button drop from a garment and protect babies from swallowing the same.

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USPs of the machine:

  • Equipped with a dial gauge to display results in Kg.
  • The precise push-pull gauge has been specially imported from IMADA Japan.
  • Separate fixtures for snaps, jean buttons, four-hole buttons, and infant garments for accuracy on various fabric style.
  • Highly accurate test results under push-pull force with strong gripping clamps.
  • Installed with a self-calibration facility for the industry-specific testing mode.
  • Three gripper forms including an upper snap clamp for the female snap, upper stud clamp for male snap and torque test clamp.

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