The plastic packaging industry is opting for PET bottles as they ensure safe and easy packaging of liquids, chemicals, drugs, beverages, carbonated drinks, edible items and much more. They don’t react to chemicals, are easily moulded, can be produced in distinct colours and designs etc. By occupying so many positive characteristics, they can help the manufacturers to ensure high quality and complete safety. Hence, to maintain these features in the production line, it is important to ensure the manufacturing process meets the requirement or not. Similarly, to maintain the section weight requirement of customers, bottle cutting machine like hot wire PET bottle cutter is utilized.

Why is section weight analysis necessary?

For a high-quality bottle production, it is vital to conduct testing for distinct attributes such as section weight analysis, perpendicularity, even wall thickness, transparency, strain distribution, base clearance, top load or compression strength, the torque of bottle caps, leak integrity, and much more. In order to meet customer’s requirement for better products, the manufacturer must perform distinct quality testing on the bottles for which they must procure highly precise and standardized testing machines.

One of the major quality test practiced in bottle industries is ‘section weight analysis’. It is conducted to evaluate the uniform distribution of material in all the sections of the bottles as per requirement. There are three sections in a bottle - top, cylinder, and bottom.

In this test, these three sections of the bottle are cut smoothly into different sections without disturbing any other area sections. These tests fall under the category of destructive testing. The uniform material distribution and equivalent load division protect the manufactured bottles from falling. The best know testing device which can be opted for this method is hot wire PET bottle cutter.

Presented by the leading testing instrument manufacturer, Labtiger, the instrument comes with special features and high accuracy.

Key features offered:

  • Robust clamping holder to avoid slippage of bottle tested
  • Comes with quick heating technique for faster testing and better results
  • Highly adjustable for distinct length, width products by flexible clamping holder
  • Deliver variable voltage potentiometer for heat control and management
  • Comes with adjustable fixture for testing different sized test bottles
  • Displays heat monitoring in digital format for live analysis while the test is running.

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