CASS salt spray test aka corrosion test is a renowned procedure used by several industries to test the corrosion resistance strength of aluminium alloys. The process involve a different form of solution compared to the NSS test. Whereas in NSS, a normal saline solution is used, CASS test uses Copper salt solution for the test. The solution consist of 95 % of water and 5% of copper acetic salt solution. The test is majorly used to evaluate the performance of chromium plating on steel or zinc substrate. 

The test is famously used for high quality control, imitated evaluation of working performance, controlled manufacturing cycle and in R&D departments for scientific material research. It is also used to improve the quality of electroplated material. The improved plating efficiency lead to maximum protection against weathering conditions, thus, higher performance.

The foremost choice of many leading brand for the CASS test has been for years, CASS cum Salt Spray Chamber. It is designed and manufactured by Labtiger team of skilled engineers and researchers. The entire chamber complies with global corrosion test standards such as ASTM B117, and ASTM B368 – 09 JIS Z 2371 for assuring accuracy in test results. Having a triple walled body with fibre reinforced material. Delivers highest possible insulation for maximum efficiency.

HMI based touchscreen operation allow user to set test parameters, manage test data, save them, name them and use it for future use. One can even view the test report in graphical form and download the same through USB portal. The downloaded report can be emailed, or saved in PDF, or excel form. High standard safety features are equipped for user comfort.