The weight reduction of PET bottles definitely reduces the wasted raw materials but emphasises more on creating better production processes and designing efficient preform bottles. A significant change is been observed in bottle forming technologies as Industries now a days are concentrating more on producing thinner walls and lower amounts of excess material in the base of the bottle meanwhile ensuring structural rigidity and functionality. It is important to verify material distribution as poor distribution can affect preform quality and blow moulder temperature variation. Thickness results are required for significant material distribution analysis. In other words, the distribution of weight throughout the bottle is important to maintain uniformity of thickness and distribution of material.

A few years back, the quality control for blow molded parts were done by cutting them with knives and measuring the thickness with calipers. But the traditional process had several issues like when a part is cut open, a burr is left at the cut edge. The measurement over the burr was not the true wall measurement. Moreover, calipers give errors when they are held at an angle to the part. So, the thickness reading varies from operator to operator.

Bottle wall thickness gauge uses a non-destructive method to make reliable and repeatable measurements on plastic containers and nonferrous materials. The thickness is measured by the magnetic field between the tip of a probe and a steel target such as ball disk or wire. It works on the principle of Hall Effect. It is one of the leading testing instrument which is light weighted and compact designed to give an accurate and fast evaluation of PET bottle, aluminium, glass, plastics and non-magnetic materials. The sample need not be cut to measure the thickness. The target ball is inserted in the bottle by holding the sample in a horizontal position and then move the ball side by side wherever the thickness is to be measured.

The instrument has digital display output with expandable thickness range up to 25.4mm or 1.00 in. Replaceable wear caps to extend durability that is standard and chisel tip. Expanded target selection- ¼ in. magnetic target balls or wire target. Password facility to protect the instrument and RS-232 USB/VGA output communication modes. It has saved and recall option with a bench style case and an enhanced version of gauge stand. It can export file to MicroSD card with CSV and .txt format. Ideal equipment to evaluate thin materials, difficult sizes and shapes.