Paint and plating is a much required process for almost all metal products in various industries. The paint delivers high level of protection and act as a barrier between the substrate and surrounding environment. Climatic condition such as humidity and temperature can eventually destroy the paint layer but a good quality paint or plating are always expected to play their role for long time. Therefore, testing paint or plating substance for its working life is a required step.


Humidity Chamber is a conditioning chamber specially designed to conduct Humidity test for paint and plating. It uses smart technology to generate controlled environment of Relative humidity and temperature. Such controlled conditions are used to inspect the product behaviour in accelerated real-life humidity conditions. Painted or plated specimen are placed under set humid conditions to see if the paint wear off or get cracked. The equipment complies with various international humidity test standards such as ASTM D1776, ASTM D1776M-15, and BS950 Part-1(D65).

Equipped with Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free refrigerants contributing towards nature health. Uses high-grade air cooling compressor for efficient temperature control. An aerodynamically shaped fan installed for uniform circulation of humidity and temperature inside the cabinet. It increases the performance of heating, cooling humidification and dehumidification process. PT-100 sensors to detect and record minute change in temperature and deliver the exact set parameters. Alarm buzz feature to inform test completion. User can easily leave the chamber working when they know that the alarm buzz will inform them to far distance. Also the operator can choose to use the automated stop feature at set time. PUF Insulation lining at inside wall of chamber assuring zero test condition loss while running Humidity test for paint. SSR based technology for heating the conditions.

Humidity Chamber is operated using highly advanced digital system along with LED digital screen. The humidity, temperature and duration of test cycles can be read, managed and controlled using the digital segment. Inbuilt calibration feature is also a part of the deal for tuning the chamber setting as per followed test standard.

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